Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Who’s Coming to Dinner?


One of the many side effects of being super tired, for me, is that I often find myself drifting off in to day dreams. It’s never about anything too interesting…new recipes…my outfit for the day…moving to France for a year. You know, the basics.


But yesterday after the fundraising event, I found myself thinking about all the dinner parties I’ve thrown in the past. Some that I’ve even thrown for Foodbuzz

First Thanksgiving party

New Year’s Eve Martini party

And then I started thinking. If if could have a party with any other gluten free bloggers, who would it be and what would I want them to bring.


Random right?

But once I started thinking about it…it started to sound really fun!! I mean wouldn’t you want to come to party with these ladies and taste these dishes?

I would call the party Gluten Hates Us 2010. :)

First, Allie of Sorry, I can’t eat that. Allie’s blog is the first I ever read! And I honestly just love that girl…even though I’ve never met here :) Her dish: Stuffed Acorn Squash

Next, Liz of The Good Eatah. I have been wanting Liz’s fur baby Henry and my fur baby Max to meet forever! So this would be a perfect opportunity. Her dish: Individual Apple Crisps

Next, Jill of Hey, that tastes good. Jill is another blogger that I discovered right after my diagnosis. I honestly wish she would open up a restaurant. I would move so that I could eat there at least twice week. Her dish (tough choice): Eggs Benedict (strange I know, but it looks really good!!)

Newlywed Kate of think outside the breadbox would have to come! And hopefully she would bring her cute doggies too! Her dish: No Bake Cookies

It definitely wouldn’t be a party without Gluten Free Gidget. And she would have to bring Dickens…this is turning in to a GF/Dog Party. Her dish: Cookie Dough Ice Cream!!

I would be so excited to meet Jess of Gluten Freesta. Reading Jess’ blog is like talking to an old friend; we have so much in common! Her dish: GF Buffalo Wings

Sarah from Gluten Free Grazer would definitely be there and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if she would bring anything from her GF dinner party. But since I should choose one…Her dish: stuffed peppers

I’m seriously starting to think we should do this. And all of you could come! And maybe Udi’s could come… :)

What about you guys? Who would you hope would be at Gluten Hates Us 2010, and what would they bring?


Sarah said...

Not to be over eager but I'd definitely come. With peppers. And maybe baked apples which I still have to post :) Udi's should definitely be invited as well!

Unknown said...

I would love to go! I think I'd make Cranberry White wine Bison Meatballs and Dark Chocolate Flax Brownies. Oh and if we are bringing our pups can I bring my Goldendoodle Zander? He would only beg a little. I promise. :)

Jeanine - The Baking Beauties said...

I'd definitely want to come too!! I'd love an all GF dinner party. Perfection. I'd bring anything you'd want me to! lol However, might I recommend the crustless pumpkin pie! Mmm...pie...

Jess @ Gluten Freesta said...

I LOVE this idea. Please come up to DC soon so you, Gluten Free Grazer and I can actually make this dream a reality.

GF Gidget said...

I've got a better idea! Come down to Florida where it's warm! I will gladly bring my ice cream and Dickens! Heck, I would even do the dishes! You are totally right about Udi's. I just had a piece of their bread tonight with dinner!

Gree said...

I would bring me, I would make a fabulous gluten free chocolate tart and a butternut squash soup! I would bring along Gluten Free Girl too, her recipes are awesome. I tagged you in my post, by the way!

Allie said...

aww! you're so cute! that would be SO FUN!!! wish we all lived in the same area... i'm co-hosting thanksgiving this year I'll have to take lots of pics of the food!

Unknown said...

YUM. That is one fun dinner party with a great ensemble of food and peeps. I'd most likely get so excited that I'd have to make no bakes and gf whoopie pies. I'm now able to make an espresso filling which kicks them up a notch (and I'd be careful to not forget the eggs)