Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wants are Needs



Today was a LOOOOOONG day at work. We received an order from artisans living in Bolivia that we only get once a year, and it’s a HUGE order of hand knitted hats, scarves, and gloves. I was pretty much up to my ears in alpaca all day!

So it pretty much goes without saying that supper tonight was a quick fix, and luckily Parrish and I had chicken tacos on the menu. Fast. Easy. Since I’ve shared this meal before here, I didn’t take pictures. But I did take pictures of two of our wedding gifts that I’m pretty much obsessed with.

Number One:

Our Hamilton Beach Brew Station!!!!

honeymoon! 253

I love this brew station! It holds brewed coffee inside, so there is no pot to keep clean. Coffee is yours at the push of a button!

honeymoon! 254

You can also set an allotted amount of time for the coffee to be kept warm. So this morning when I woke up at 5:30, the coffee maker was set to brew while I showered, and set to keep warm until Parrish woke up two hours later! Love it!

I also LOVE my Charlotte mug. It wasn’t a wedding gift, but it actually was purchased almost two years ago. That mug will be two years old on October 15th, as I purchased said mug the day my niece, Lil’ Gluten Loves Me, was born!

honeymoon! 006

Her big birthday party is coming up, and it’s Elmo themed…


She loves “melmo”.

The second wedding gift I’m currently loving on is this super cute set of nesting measuring bowls:

z sunday 033

z sunday 034

These were a gift from a friend who’s a chef, so she’s pretty hip on the cute kitchen items! I even used them when I made my pumpkin muffins!

z sunday 044

Which, by the way, Parrish has eaten more of those muffins than me!! So that’s definitely a great recipe for gluten free and gluteny folks alike!


I hope you guys are all having a great week! I’m on my way to read

z sunday 025

Ape House by Sara Gruen. (Sara Gruen wrote Water for Elephants!) My sweetie sister friends and family have started a book club and I was so excited to join!! Working a full time job and a part time job and planning that awesome wedding have not left much time for socializing. I can’t wait for our first “meeting”. :) Plus it’s a great night outside! Low in the 40s…I love chilly fall nights. Perfect for finishing my book…and

z sunday 031

my Redbridge :)


I need your advice!!

If you follow me on twitter, then you saw my question about new running shoes!

I need new running shoes DESPERATELY! I have ran three miles this week, and my legs have never been this sore. I’ve dabbled in a few minor cases of shin splints, but this feels worse than that. It hurts from the inside of my ankle all the way up the outer side of my shin. Sort of underneath?

Anyway, I figure it means I need new shoes. My shoes are about 4 years old… :)

Anyone have a particular running shoe they just love? My current pair are Asics, which I seem to always love but I’m always open to advice! Thanks yo!


Alex said...


Courtney said...

Saucony sneakers are really comfy and great for running in.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I love my coffee brew station. Best christmas gift of 2009. Second, tried and loved Redbridge Beer. Thank you. I am just loving reading your blog everyday. Keeps me going on this GF journey. My husband is really starting to support this too. Change is hard but he is showing good support like keeping the steak on the grill separate to avoid cross contamination of his marinade and my GF seasoning. Thanks for making a difference in my life.

Kate said...

As far as the sneakers go - I love my Pearl Izumi Syncho Paces BUT ideally you should go to a running store where they will analyze your gait & help you choose the right shoes for you.

I'm thinking of buying one of those brewing stations or a keurig...I love my french press, but it's a mess to clean up.

Stiney said...

Holy moly! 4 years old? I'm surprised you're just now in pain. I'm a huge fan of Asics myself, even though when I first started out I used Avia.

Laura said...

Those measuring cups are STUNNING! What a useful wedding gift to give :)