Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks


Being at the ripe old age of 27… :) I guess you could say that I definitely feel like I’ve gotten things figured out. For example:

I know that two of the ingredients to a great date night are, #1-

clemson weekend 008

my handsome husband, and #2-

clemson weekend 002

a very dry cider.

And by trial and error, I have figured out that at The Federal in Durham

clemson weekend 004

you ALWAYS throw caution to the wind and order your meal with fries and a side of poblano mayo.

clemson weekend 016

Period. And you always order a side of poblano mayo for your date, otherwise they will eat all of yours.

But this past weekend when Parrish and I went to Clemson and to Lil’ Gluten Loves Me : Ella’s birthday party, I actually learned a lot.

I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. :)

I learned that given the choice between a juice pouch (which Ella enjoyed for the first time EVER)

clemson weekend 090

and cake, Ella will happily choose

clemson weekend 091

cake. The juice pouch is tempting, but not as tempting as that sweet, sweet frosting.

I also learned that balloons make the best accessory to an outfit.

clemson weekend 078

clemson weekend 081

clemson weekend 087

No matter how big the bunch.

I learned that the secret ingredient to the PERFECT football game is:

clemson weekend 027


And that same handsome husband…

clemson weekend 017

…and when your team wins.

clemson weekend 051

I learned that everything is WAY MORE FUN with Ella.

clemson weekend 029

But I already knew that.

And she didn’t fail to remind me of how she earned her nickname.

clemson weekend 033

She loves the gluten. One WHOLE hot dog and half a pretzel. Baby loves the carbs.

My bestie sister taught me TWO very important lessons this past weekend.

The first being that you don’t only check the ingredient list for gluten.

You also check the nutrition facts.

clemson weekend 052

This tiny little bottle of PET Pumpkin Spice Nog may seem harmless, but that little baby is packing a punch. A whopping 200 calories per serving, which may make you think, ehhh…no big deal. Until you realize that that tiny bottle is FOUR SERVINGS. FOUR SERVINGS my friends. 800 calories. 36 grams of fat.


On a healthier note, my sister also taught me a brand new way to use greek yogurt!

clemson weekend 053


And I will teach you how to make these babies tomorrow! :)


Speaking of learning, maybe you guys can help me find a solution to a BIG problem.

I woke up this morning with a GIANT “crick in my neck” and I’m honestly at a loss. I’ve never had one last an entire day, and this one is actually getting worse. I can only hold my head in a slight tilt to the left with no pain. Any other position is not even possible.

Any pointers?

I’ve tried heat, and I’m afraid that made it more tight.



lisaplus6 said...

your blog is so fun~looking forward to the pancake recipe. my son has a gluten allergy.... and we love Greek yogurt!!

Gina said...

If heat made your neck worse, try ice! Also, a painkiller you can tolerate should be taken promptly. I hate to take painkillers, but on the first day of a cramp or a mild injury it can really help your body clear those muscles of things that can make the stiffness worse. Then, be sure to sleep in a position that supports your neck properly. I hope it gets better!

Theresa said...

I had a neck like that once, but Mum (who is an ex-nurse) just said to try not to move it too much, take painkillers and wait to see what it feels like tomorrow. The next day it felt heaps better. Weird. Hope your neck gets better soon!

Your niece is so cute!

funnyhaha said...

The orthopaedic (spelling????) dr. told me to take ibuprofren and about an hour later, tylenol, and continue to take the two for a day or two. I guess the ibuprofren reduces swelling and the tylenol takes pain away...and ICE. Good luck, sista.

Laura said...

Isnt Ella just the cutest thing!

I am good at checking the ingredients on products and my boyfriend is good at checking the nutrional value! You will be amazed what he finds!