Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sweet Treats


9 times out of 10, I will choose savory over sweet. I’ve just really never been a sweets girl. If I could have had a tower of cheesy fries with bacon in place of a wedding cake, I would have said yes without blinking an eye.

But these past three days have been a whirlwind of gluten free treats, and I’m blaming it all on the peanut butter cup.

wednesday 030

Right before the wedding, Smart Treat contacted me and asked if I would be interested in writing some reviews for a few of their gluten free products. Gluten Free Betsy had written an awesome review of their foods over the summer and I’ll admit, I was pretty excited. And my super sweet valentine Gabriela had sent me one of their cookies this past February and I loved it.

PLUS Smart Treat is located in Asheville, NC!! Giving me yet another reason to take a long weekend and head up there!

But of course when my “smart” package arrived on Friday, I had already forgotten about agreeing to do the review. Pre-Wedding Blur. So opening the package was like Christmas…twice! :)

wednesday 034

The peanut butter chocolate cups come in a package of two, which was perfect for sharing with Parrish!

wednesday 037

These little babies were tasty! The bottom layer of peanut butter has tiny bits of peanut, which I loved! And the top layer of chocolate was deliciously fudgey.

wednesday 038

And the serving size was perfect.

Saturday morning I woke up WAY before my alarm. I had to be in to work by 9:30, but with almost three hours to spare I decided to do something pretty crazy.

sweet treats 015

I decided to bake a batch of gluten free cinnamon rolls!

sweet treats 021

YUM! In a crazy whirlwind of joy from having a cinnamon roll, I ended up chowing down on three of these rolls before work! And while the sugar headache wasn’t quite worth it…it was close :) Recipe coming soon!

So you’re probably thinking that by this morning (Sunday) I would have had my sweet tooth filled right?

sweet treats 032


But I guess I can’t blame the gluten free waffles on the peanut butter cup. I really should blame Janetha! ;) She posted some AWESOME waffles pics on Saturday and I just couldn’t stop thinking about them!

sweet treats 029

Luckily we received a waffle maker as a wedding gift. Much like cinnamon rolls, I don’t think I’ve had a homemade waffle in over two years!! The secret to a great waffle is just a dash of vanilla. So good. I think I could eat one right now.

Waffles twice in one day, that’s not totally ridiculous right? :)


Janetha @ meals + moves said...

um, WOW. that peanut butter cup is unreal! marshall is an avid peanut butter cup eater and i had to show him. he was rather impressed! and i am impressed by your waffle. isn't it the best to make them yourself?!

Laura said...

Gosh what a decadent post :)

Cant wait for the cinnamon roll recipe! I MUST try them!