Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quick like a gluten free fox


Like every gluten hater, I am ALWAYS in search of a quick lunch. And no, a salad without dressing because it contains gluten and without the grilled chicken because the marinade has gluten - so it’s basically a bowl of lettuce with shredded carrots and tomatoes, does not count.

But I’ve made my peace with being prepared, being organized, and always keeping at least two loaves of Udi’s in the freezer. But with the holiday season approaching, I am now looking for quick and easy suppers. And while I have a few recipes that are great, like White Bean Pasta, I’m always looking for something new that won’t break the bank.

I mean, if I had an unlimited food budget, I would eat at P.F. Chang’s three times a week. But since I can only treat myself to Chang’s GF Street Noodles once every few months, I needed a substitute. PLUS I’ve never read the nutrition info on those noodles…and if you have, don’t ruin them for me!

Luckily what I found is both quick and inexpensive.

z sunday 001

A Taste of Thai Pad Thai Noodles. I ran across this in the grocery section of Target was intrigued. Noodles I could microwave in their container!?

z sunday 002

I nuked the noodles per the directions, and since it was for supper, I beefed it up and added sauteed veggies!

z sunday 007

Halved grape tomatoes and matchstick banana pepper, carrot, and onion.

z sunday 020

And I topped it with crispy tofu!

One bowl was more than enough, and I had a bit left over for lunch the next day. The next time, I will be sure to add WAY more veggies. The sauce is really flavorful and packs a little bit of heat.

I will totally make this again, and am adding it to my arsenal for quick meals!


Do you guys have quick meals that are loyal standbys?


Unknown said...

I will have to look for this on my next trip to Target. I like that it is lower sodium. Thanks for the tip!

Gluten-Free Fun

Unknown said...

we're still looking for stuff like this. for my son we've been baking up several chicken legs and keeping them in the fridge for a quick protein filled snack or meal. we haven't moved into any commercial products yet, but i will keep an eye out.

trishtator said...

Try the "peanut noodles" in the same brand. They're totally my favorite. I like the box because it still works, even if it gets smashed. I bought a meal the other day where you heat up noodles in a plastic tray, but the plastic tray had cracked in my bag, so the lunch was useless! I was so hungry that day :(

Yay for quick lunch ideas.

Laura said...

Convenience meals like this are such a HUGE win :)

And I love thai noodles - prefer them to spaghetti!

Michele said...

Making it from scratch is just as easy. All you need is whatever fresh ingredients you want, rice noodles and the sauce - you can buy it bottled or make it from scratch.

Just soak the noodles (I rarely eat rice, butI use a lot of rice noodles) while you chop stuff.

Those boxed mixes (that yellow one and the red one) never quite taste right - or are enough food.

I have a brilliant pad thai recipe, if you'd like it, cuz. Not quick and easy, but abjectly delicious.