Friday, October 8, 2010

Kale Chips!


All week, I had been planning to make an instructional video on how I make kale chips. I bought a salad spinner full of kale:

1 kale 005

Side Note: Can you believe I got all this kale for 39 cents!?!

Local kale is the jam.

1 kale 003

Another side note: I really love my salad spinner. Almost as much as I love 39 cent kale.

But as I was rinsing my kale, I realized…that I don’t need to make my own video! I just need to give you guys the link to who I consider the Queen of Kale Chips: Kath Eats!

I originally learned how to make kale chips from Kath, and she recently made an instructional video! You can view it on YouTube HERE.

I guarantee you’ll love them! Plus when you make them at home,

1 kale 029

you won’t have to fend off Parrish :)

My favorite seasoning to use when making kale chips funnily enough is called Steak.

1 kale 012

It may seem strange but the ingredients are such great flavors!

1 kale 014

Nom Nom Nom

The one thing that I will say about kale chips is that one pan just never seems to be enough!


Unknown said...

at first i was like wtf on the kale but that looks good!

Gina said...

Yum! Love kale, love chips, so... kale chip!

Kate said...

LOOOOVE Kale Chips:) I am definitely going to try them out w/ "Steak" spices!

Ellen said...

I have been intrigued by the kale chips in the past... I have got to make them; they look so good!

Michele said...

That's a staple of mine, so crazy easy. Leaves on a pan, olive oil, s&P, 15 min. in the oven, done. Kape chips, mashed carrots or sweet potatos and steak, always a crowd-pleaser.

Or toss it in a pan of roasting vegetables. Or tear up for soup. Or put in a smoothie. Kale's great.

Ali McCollum said...

I'm so glad you posted this. It just got me thinking & now I finally get it. After making & noshing on them myself, I get it. Kale chips are the best!

Even the pug & birds agree - although they just got a taste! I have to hog my chips!