Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gluten and Work


I’ve read several blog posts and even gotten a few emails on how to handle being gluten free at work. But being one of a staff of two…I never really gave it any thought. I take my lunch to work everyday, but so does my boss. Once in a blue moon I do find myself in a bind, where I need to eat on the go, but I always have a few food bars in my bag.

Preparation is key in my life. So when I knew I would be organizing and attending a fundraising breakfast for my non-profit this morning, I made a plan. I had to wake up at 5am. I don’t know about you guys, but I am NOT hungry at 5. I’m barely awake before the sun comes up. So I packed a container of Gluten Free Honey Nut Chex and planned to stop for a small container of milk after the event. I placed my container and my food bar for the day on the kitchen counter and then went to brush my teeth.

Remember when I said I’m not awake before the sun. I’m basically asleep with my eyes open. And if I’m asleep…yeah. I forgot my cereal. AND my food bar. But I didn’t even realize until it was WAY too late. Way too late meaning Parrish texted me mid-way through the breakfast to see if I had meant to bring the breakfast with me. :(

I arrived at our event at 6am and helped set up the room, and I was surprised at how quickly we pulled it all together.

fundraiser 005

fundraiser 004

We used paper roses from Bangladesh, recycled bangle vases from India, and artisan partner cards to spruce up the center pieces. It was simple but pretty.

If you follow me on twitter, then you know what the final piece of our table centerpiece was.


I knew the plan was to order a platter of baked goods gluten and fresh fruit. My last ditch effort hope was that the fruit would be on a separate platter. Nope. And so I poured myself a second cup of coffee, and enjoyed our fundraiser sans breakfast.

Afterwards I made a pit stop in to Whole Foods for cereal. By that time I was STARVING!!

But the fundraiser was a HUGE success, and I left feeling replenished in my dedication to fair trade. But I also felt tired. Super tired. So, so tired.

Do you guys have issues with gluten at your work?


Tomorrow night I will be redoing the Home Page of Gluten Hates Me! Hopefully it won’t take too long, because I have a super fun post planned!


Sarah said...

Ugh, that is the worst! I hope you didn't have to wait too too long to eat. I just went through a similar situation in Philly on Saturday so I know this feeling. Thank goodness for emergency stashes in bags!

Courtney said...

Every once in awhile (1-2 times a month) there is a free lunch at the hospital where I work. Everyone digs in, and I grab the only thing safe for me: a soda. I don't mind it terribly (I always come packing!), but I do miss the savings of a free lunch. Gluten-free eating can be pricey!

If I forget lunch or am too tired at night to pack it, I am sunk. I end up stopping by the gas station for string cheese and a Snickers bar, and then I get suuuuper cranky. Gluten-free living definitely teaches a person to plan ahead!

GF Gidget said...

Oh, have I been there! I have even given in and tried to eat the fruit furthest away from the bread... it didn't work.

Anonymous said...

I may have been desperate enough to grab fruit off the platter and then wash it off myself. My team was awesome about my diet and catered to it! Nothing like moving a meeting of 20 people to a restaurant that works for my crazy diet.

Allie said...

i usually try to bring my own lunch every day, but i'm lucky in that if I forget there are a lot of places near my office i can go grab something. I also have a whole foods about a 10 minute walk from my office - so that is excellent!

we have free food at work ALL OF THE TIME. it's tough, i always have to say no, and I happen to sit semi-near the catering manager and she comes around almost every day with treats (she knows by now I can't have any of them)... We also have lunch meetings a lot and usually its sandwiches or pizza :( i know I get weird looks from people sometimes (who don't know me) and they're wondering why I'm not eating... I figure - it's really for the best, if I could eat all that stuff I'd be huge by now! haha

Stiney said...

I bring my lunch every day or sneak off to Jason's Deli at lunch time when I've got the cash. I've just had too many issues with places like Wendy's that are SUPPOSED to be safe making me sick.
When we do stuff at work which isn't often I bring a food I know I'll eat plus GF dessert so if I can't eat everything else there will still be something.
But like Allie said it's probably for the best because I DO NOT need to gain all the weight I would if I ate things at work.

Becky said...

I usually do fine passing up the free food at work, but last week someone brought in Chick Fil A chicken biscuits, which are the one gluten-full food I still think about longingly! Darn them! I am going to a big work conference next week, and they asked about my dietary restrictions, but I'm not counting on anything--I'm taking lots of snacks and will be visiting the Whole Foods that is two blocks from the hotel.

Laura said...

I usually take my own food to work! But I am lucky we haev alot of shop close by so on the days I dont have anything I can quickly pop out for something!

Twice a month we have a regional meeting that is catered for - they order me a seperate plate of food when there is pasta on the menu!