Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Christmas in October


Yesterday was one of those days that reminded me of how truly lucky I am to be a part of the blogging community. I started out the morning with a big bowl of creamy oats, topped with a sample sent to me from Smart Treat.

banana oatmeal 003

Having the opportunity to review gluten free products, is definitely one of the tastiest perks of being a blogger. :) And I was pretty excited to try this granola from Smart Treat!

banana oatmeal 009

I love crunchy toppings for my morning oatmeal and I’m pretty much crazy for coconut!

banana oatmeal 006

I love this granola! Not only is it crunchy with great flavor, but it has big hunks of banana chips!

banana oatmeal 007

And lots of nuts and seeds. PLUS it was packing some power! I was full until almost 1pm, which for me is pretty good :)

When I got home from work last night, the packages were practically piling up at the door! I had been expecting a few products to review, but I totally forgot about the BEST freebie ever!

banana oatmeal 019

My handmade leather clutch that I won from

banana oatmeal 020

Lori! She was celebrating her anniversary last week with some giveaways and I scored this awesome clutch! Look at the lining!

banana oatmeal 022

I was so busy mooning over my new love, that I almost didn’t notice the other two boxes that arrived from Mambo Sprouts! One of which contained exactly what we needed for supper.

banana oatmeal 015

Rudi’s gluten free breads!

Mambo Sprouts is celebrating Celiac Disease Awareness Month and asked if I would write some reviews as content for the website. But of course!

I know you guys already know that I love Rudi’s bread, and I especially LOVE the Multigrain. You can see the seeds!

banana oatmeal 025

Crunchy! And a perfect match for hummus, cheese, tomato, onion, spinach, and yogurt sandwiches :)

banana oatmeal 031

This sandwich just never gets old. I’m not sure why these flavors work, but they just do. Recipe here plus spinach!

I’ll have a few more product reviews for you guys later this week, including one for Kefir! I’m pretty excited to try kefir, since it’s new to me. Any suggestions on how to enjoy it? I was thinking smoothies. :)


Anonymous said...

Yum. I have yet to try Rudi's, but it looks really tasty! And you're inspiring me with the oatmeal. I usually do a breakfast smoothie (I'm a sleep-in-until-the-last-second girl), but once winter hits it will be lovely to have something warm! What type of oatmeal do you make?

Gabrielle said...

I LOVE kefir. I get flavored kinds and drink them straight up for breakfast. I'm sure it'd be delicious in smoothies, but I'd also suggest using it in chilled soups. One time I had plain kefir and mixed chocolate syrup in it and drank it. YUMMMMM. I also love Rudi's. Lifeway Kefir makes a frozen kefir. I've tried the plain frozen kefir they make and I loved every bite of it. Tangy and not too sweet, just the way I like it.

Katie said...

I love Rudi's! It's pretty much the only bread I eat, unless I make my own. That sandwich looks delicious!