Thursday, September 30, 2010

We Go Together Like Crab and Butter


honeymoon! 115

I feel very confident that two weeks ago, I married my best friend. I know that Parrish loves me more every day, and I feel the exact same way. BUT given the chance to choose between me and seafood…

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I’m 99.9% he would choose me. Lucky for him, on our honeymoon he was able to choose both!

One of the first gluten free meals I ever had was crab legs, and I LOOOVE crab legs. In Wilmington, I had only ever had steamed crab legs but in Florida all the crab legs were grilled.

honeymoon! 197


honeymoon! 202

Grilled is WAY better!! Every cracked shell released a FULL piece of meat, effortlessly!

honeymoon! 211

Enjoyed with a side of butter

honeymoon! 201

super cute fish silverware and

honeymoon! 200

a HUGE glass of water!

 honeymoon! 196

The best seafood we enjoyed was at a small restaurant near Ft. Walton Beach,

honeymoon! 194

The Black Pearl. We were able to dine with an amazing view:

 honeymoon! 192

and it was really a gorgeous day. Not too hot with a cool ocean breeze. :) I could have sat there for hours and gorged myself on crab. Luckily, I’m not made out of money.


Tonight I’m making supper for my parents so that my Dad can teach us how to fix our leaky kitchen faucet! So I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make a tutorial on kale chips tonight, but hopefully tomorrow!

Are there any other dishes that I’ve made you would like a step by step on?

Any dishes you would like me to try to recreate gluten free?


Theresa said...

This post was so cute!
Oh, and aren't kale chips just the best?!

Jennifer said...

Oh, I too have a (super annoying) leaky faucet. Can't wait for that post, haha!

Those beaches look AMAZING.