Thursday, September 16, 2010

Two Days


Yesterday, it hit me. As I was driving to work, I felt this huge wave of emotion: I’m getting married this weekend. Up until that moment, I had been able to push the stress out of my mind. And now…now I feel the happiest I’ve ever felt and the most overwhelmed…

I’m  marrying my best friend in two days.

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Parrish and I have been together for 5 years. He is an amazing person and a loyal friend. I am truly blessed…but I don’t want to say much more, I’ll give my vows away :)

So I just wanted to let you guys know that it’s about to get strange around here. I had high hopes of posting like usual up until Saturday, but I’m just not sure if that’s going to be possible. I mean the only pictures I have on my camera are of drinks!

friday 060

Hello…pumpkin spice latte!

friday 061

Mmmm mmmm. I  could just swim around in that latte! So foamy and frothy.

friday 065

Hers and Hers wine. My Maid of Honor, Alex, came in to town early to help out! Aren’t these wine glasses adorable! I love the tiny chalkboard :)

friday 068

And how cute is this? All blinged out wine stopper from my mommy with my new monogram! Love it!

Well, I guess there were two pictures on my camera that weren’t drinks:

friday 070

friday 071

Ahh..but they’re of the wedding mess around here. Probably shouldn’t share those with you guys :)


So I hope you guys can hang in there for the next few days. I have some AWESOME guest posts planned for you guys next week! AND

I have a giveaway planned!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to be giving away MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE GLUTEN FREE PRODUCT starting on Monday.

Any guesses?


Unknown said...

Have a lot of fun on ur big day!! Congrads! Make sure you enjoy every minute of it!

Kate said...

Congratulations!!! Have a fabulous day & don't let anything stress you out. Any mishaps are just funny stories in the making:)

I'm going to guess something in the Udi's range for the giveaway...having a hard time finding their stuff here, but had the most amazing GF Margarita pizza last week!! It was a frozen one from a company in Maine...will check the name as I am definitely buying it again this week!

Jess said...

My guess is Red Bridge... Have a blast on the big day!!!

Janetha @ meals + moves said...

AHHHH i cant believe your wedding is so soon! HAVE A GREAT DAY SATURDAY!

GF Gidget said...


liz said...

congrats i can't wait to see pictures!!! you're going to have a blast!!