Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Favorites


The Cheeseburgers weren’t the only ones in paradise

yeah, that was too corny. I’m basically just trying to intro you guys in to my favorite day of the honeymoon, our trip to Seaside and my favorite lunch!

honeymoon! 171

Seaside just happens to be a super cute beach town AND where the movie The Truman Show was filmed! Several folks had recommended it to us, and so we made a day trip down the coast.

On the way we stopped at Grayton Beach State Park to trail run and were surprised by quite possibly the most beautiful beach we’d ever seen. But first, the trail.

honeymoon! 054 

I honestly don’t know how Florida healthy living bloggers do it. Running in Florida is insane.

honeymoon! 069

A large part of the trail was totally shade free. The sand was hot and the sun was hotter. We thought about taking shelter in the brush. But then the trail switched it up.

honeymoon! 063

And it was shady but still sandy. My calves were BURNING.

honeymoon! 075

Finally we got to the part of the trail that was through a swamp. All shade, no sand. I was little wary of snakes and alligators, but we saw neither.

After the run we were SUPER sweaty. So we ventured down to the beach.

honeymoon! 085

honeymoon! 089


honeymoon! 091

The ocean in front of our hotel had a ton of seaweed, but the water at Grayton was crystal clear.

honeymoon! 110

We were kicking ourselves for only having our workout clothes.

honeymoon! 094 

I could have stayed at that beach all day, but lunch was approaching, so we headed on to Seaside.

And to the Taco Bar!

honeymoon! 120

The best of lunches always start with a margarita!

honeymoon! 123

AND guacamole :)

honeymoon! 121

It was a tiny little restaurant and the chef was really knowledgeable about preparing a meal gluten free. They had corn tortillas and all the sauces used on meats were prepared fresh on site and without gluten!

I ordered a steak taco:

honeymoon! 127

and a shredded chicken taco:

honeymoon! 128

They were both amazing, but the steak was my favorite! Super fresh.

honeymoon! 129

honeymoon! 125

We both agreed that if we lived in Seaside, we would eat there everyday!


It’s Wednesday night! Quite possibly my favorite night of TV!! Middle, Modern Family, and Cougartown. So good!

I have two more posts to recap the honeymoon, but I might take a break tomorrow and show you guys how I make kale chips! I’ve never gotten so many emails about one mention!


Fat L. Celiac said...

I LOVE Seaside! Visited many times when I was younger, and its good to know I can now eat well & gluten-free there, too!

Laura said...

What a lovely set of pictures! Stunning beach and yummy food :)