Monday, September 27, 2010

The Beginning and Breakfast!!


So since I’m working on getting pictures of the wedding from our photographers, I thought I would go ahead and start sharing the honeymoon! Can you tell I’m sad it’s over? :)

The day after the wedding, Parrish and I flew out early in the day and headed to Destin, Florida, which is on the Gulf of Mexico. My new Father-in-Law had arranged for us to stay (for free!!) at The Resorts of Pelican Beach, right on the beach!

honeymoon! 160

The room was really cute!

honeymoon! 163

honeymoon! 167

Super beachy!

Since breakfast is the toughest meal to eat out gluten free for me, I decided to go to the grocery store first thing. I had packed some gluten free oats of course, but in the heat I knew I would wake up wanting something cold.

honeymoon! 031

Gorilla Munch!!!!!!! nom nom nom nom

honeymoon! 036

Enjoyed with a view :)

I pretty much ate Gorilla Munch EVERY morning except for one! I mean, I had to make oats at least once!

honeymoon! 147

Sunshine in a bowl <3

honeymoon! 149

honeymoon! 026

If you follow me on twitter, then you know my last breakfast in Florida didn’t go too well. We stopped by Cracker Barrel on our way to the airport, and I REALLY struggled to find anything on their breakfast menu I could eat. Especially anything healthy! So I had some scrambled eggs and bacon, and told myself that I could eat an early lunch. But the worst part was when the waitress asked if I wanted toast, right after I asked her to let the kitchen know I’m allergic to wheat and gluten. My response was, “Oh no. But thanks. I can’t eat wheat.” Her response, “Oh! Okay, well would you like something else? A muffin or a biscuit?” Parrish and I just looked at each other.

So I explained to her what wheat is, and that I’m actually gluten free because I have Celiac Disease. Then I explained what gluten is. And then my friends, she gave me the SADDEST face you have ever seen. Direct Quote: “Oh my gosh, that must be SO HARD.”


And let me just say, that I know she meant well. And while I don’t always expect my server to know what gluten is, is it ridiculous of me to expect folks to know what wheat is?!

So I scraped myself up off the table and told her that no, it’s not hard. Not for me. It was at first, but it gets easier everyday. Sensing that I wasn’t one to suck up pity, she finished with “Well, I’m sure it’s much healthier! I mean so many people, especially here, over eat on bread.” I smiled and said you’re right. And left it there.

But I’ll admit that it deflated me a little. I’m not sure if it was her pity or my lack of options for breakfast, but I almost felt sorry for myself. Well, not almost, I did for about half a second. But then I looked at Parrish and reminded myself of how lucky I am.

honeymoon! 078

How truly blessed I am. I have an amazingly supportive husband, and tons of foods that I can eat and be healthy. (Even if they’re not available at The Cracker Barrel)

And I had just spent an entire week on vacation, I wasn’t going to let anything get me down! At this point, I feel confident that in every category of glutenous foods, I have found a gluten free substitute that is AWESOME!!

Especially bread. Oh Udi’s. How I love thee.


Speaking of Udi’s…

you guys had some great sandwich ideas!!

Especially Georgianna!! Check out the comments for some of her awesome ideas: avocado, feta, and mexican seasoned tofu – YUM!

And I honestly wish I could send you each a loaf. Especially those of you that don’t have it available!! (But did you know that Udi’s has a printable PDF.file that you can give to your local grocer to plead you case?)

The winner is…

#1 Kelly8977

who said: I have not tried Udi's bread since they do not sell it where I live in Bangor, ME. I have been gluten free for a little over 1 month and I feel almost back to normal. I do miss bread, a low cal/fat bread. I would love to make a sandwich using Udi's bread with my homemade turkey burger, lettuce, fresh tomatoes, and spicy mustard. Hopefully, the Natural Living Center here in Bangor Me will start to carry Udi's GF bread soon. Thank you for subbing for Marlow, I love her blog.

So Kelly, email me your shipping info! And print out one of those PDFs, because you’re going to be an Udi’s addict!! :)


Up next, a Gluten Hates Me…and Cheeseburger in Paradise Loves Me!


liz said...

marlow, i've had a similar experience with my boyfriend's father. after my bf explained that i couldn't eat wheat or gluten, his dad said "well can you find anything to eat at the cracker barrel?!" and i said "..probably not, everything there is pretty gluteny" and he said "wait a second...does this mean YOU CAN'T EAT BISCUITS?!"

some people! jeeze!

Unknown said...

Congrats on being a newlywed Marlow, looks like it's going great for you! Thanks also for the shout out, I've been following your blog for awhile and love it so it means a lot. I used to make a mean sandwich and hope to be able to get my hands on some Udi's to make them again!

Bren said...

congrats! i am not gluten free but more than once when i have told people i am a vegetarian they don't seem to grasp that this includes chicken...are you serious? everyone should know what wheat is...

Unknown said...

oh wow. i just found your blog and i love it. i'm new to the gluten free world, my 5 year old recently did anyway, so i'm enjoying your stories. thanks! i'll be back!

Marlow said...

Liz- Jeeze indeed!! We need to make t-shirts that say something like "No gluten means No biscuits" :)

Georgianna- Thanks! And I'll give you a shout out anytime!

Bren- Seriously?!? Seriously?!? Eesh.

Jessie- Thanks lady! Welcome :)

becky said...

Had a similar experience at Cracker Barrel in Alabama recently (oddly enough, returning home from a vacation in Florida). Luckily I like grits, so I could add those to my bacon and eggs. Wanted to stop at Waffle House, since their hash browns are gluten free, but all Waffle Houses in Alabama are apparently smoking facilities!

Marlow said...

Ugh!! A smoking allowed Waffle House sounds horrible! I thought about doing the grits, but I've had a bad experience with grits that weren't certified gluten free, so I was little too worried about cross contamination. I'm glad it worked for you!!