Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wedding Shower Weekend


OH MAN! I have had a whirlwind weekend! Parrish was away for his bachelor party (woot woot) and I was in SC for a family thrown wedding shower! I don’t have any recipes yet, but I thought I would tease you guys with the tasty pictures! My sweetie of an auntie ensured that everything was gluten free, which wasn’t hard for her because she’s been gluten free since the 80’s!

On a side note, can you imagine being gluten free back in the 80’s!?! Back before companies realized that offering gluten free options…was even an option!?

I hope you guys had a great weekend, and hopefully I’ll have the recipes soon! I have a BIG doctor’s appointment tomorrow, so cross your fingers (and toes) for good news!

wedding weekend 014

wedding weekend 026

wedding weekend 017

wedding weekend 019

wedding weekend 018

wedding weekend 020

wedding weekend 025

wedding weekend 021

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Michele said...

I actually can imagine being gluten-free in the 80s, because my mom was! Back when GF baking was pure science..xanthan gum and all sorts of odd stuff. I remember when she first got a bread machine, and all the experimental loaves she did, before finding one that worked.