Tuesday, August 10, 2010

LUNCH – Two Ways


Yesterday for lunch, I made yet another sandwich. I know, I know…but with Udi’s and Rudi’s gluten free breads, I feel like I’ve finally rediscovered sandwiches! (Two years later!)

I started by spreading 1 tbsp. of hummus on each side of Rudi’s gluten free whole grain bread.

sammich time 003

I love hummus, but I HAVE to measure it out! I could easily eat 1/2 a container in one sitting. Also in the sandwich, I stuffed in fresh spinach, 2 tbsp. skim milk mozzarella, local tomato, and white onion.

sammich time 005

Ready for the George Foreman!

sammich time 013

Nom Nom Nom :)


This morning I searched and searched for some leftover grilled chicken to take to work for lunch, but I just couldn’t find it!! Turns out I had put it in an old Smart Balance container. Too bad I didn’t find that out until this afternoon. SO when I ran out of time to make my lunch, I made the executive decision to stop by Whole Foods – Durham on my way to work.

tuesdee 001 

I had tried one of Moo Moo’s frozen meals a few weeks ago and was impressed, so I decided to give noodle-less lasagna a try!

tuesdee 002 

The ingredients all sounded pretty good, and in all honesty, the nutrition facts won me over!

tuesdee 003

I LOVE 1 serving per container!!!

tuesdee 005

It was pretty big too!

tuesdee 006

This bite is flipped upside down. The tofu is the bottom layer, with a filling of eggplant and zucchini chunks with tomato sauce and herbs, topped with more sauce and cheese. The tofu was really interesting! I think I may try to recreate a dish like this on my own. AND I would totally buy this frozen meal again.


We received our FIRST RSVP today :) I’m off to create a spreadsheet to organize the accepts/regrets…and possibly keep Wipeout on in the background. Why do I love this show?!?


Lori P said...

The sandwich sounds and looks fantastic! The lasagna sounds great to me but my gluten-free gal wouldn't go near it. Too picky. She hasn't had a sandwich in a couple of years. May have to check out that bread.

mare said...

Your grilled sandwiches look awesome! Do you grill them just before eating or grill and take to work for lunch?

Marlow said...

Lori- Rudi's and Udi's bread is the best!! I'll never go back to back to dense GF bread!

Mare- When I eat them at home, I eat them fresh pressed off my George Foreman. But I do press most of them, like this one, and then pack it up and take it to work. Sometimes I nuke it for 30 sec. and sometimes I just eat it room temp. Both are delicious!!

Unknown said...

That sandwich sounds really good. I like the idea of using the George Foreman to grill it. I never thought of that.

I totally know what you mean about hummus. I average a half of a container per serving!

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