Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lunch on the Go - THREE


I hadn’t originally intended to post three posts back to back about lunch, but this past week has left me inspired!

I had to work this past Saturday, and as I typically do, I went to Whole Foods to reward myself for being a weekend warrior. I call it Salad Saturdays. As I trolled the salad bar, I wasn’t really in to it. I just wanted something filling and quick. I felt a twinge of jealously towards the woman beside me thrusting her sandwich wrap in the air as she carried on a conversation. I wish I could just have a pre-made wrap.

So I moseyed over to the frozen food section, to check and see if they were carrying Udi’s yet. (They’re not) When I ran across this in the freezer case:

new products 017

The Poblano caught my eye, (It’s my favorite pepper) and the “Gluten Free” pulled me in! Moo Moo’s Poblano Chickpea Patties, YUM!

new products 018

And the calorie content sealed the deal!

new products 020

I LOVE packaged food…wait, I don’t LOVE packaged food, it’s alright, but what I love is a serving size of ONE per container. Two servings or three servings in something that seems like one serving makes me so mad! I mean, really Naked Juice? I’m supposed to take three sips and then save the other half of that tiny bottle for later. Psshhh

Anywho, back to this lunch! It was really good! Full of flavor and totally filling. I questioned whether I should take a picture, I mean it is frozen food, but I want you guys to see how big these Chickpea patties are!

new products 021

Can you believe 9 grams of protein AND 9 grams of fiber!!! Yayuh :) I think next time I might top it with some plain Greek yogurt! I think the contrast between the cool tart yogurt and the spicy patties would be good.


Are there any gluten free frozen foods that you guys like? I saw a few other brands, but I’m pretty skeptical.


GF Gidget said...

Those DO look good!

funnyhaha said...

Hey Marlow! Any suggestions for someone wanting to bring party food to a friend's GF get-together?! Thanks for any suggestions that YOU might like! :)