Sunday, August 29, 2010

It’s a Sick sort of Happy


I am physically and mentally DEMOLISHED. I have been working for 7 days straight, with my fair share of early mornings and late nights. Plus I have been lifting, carrying, flipping, and dragging rugs…which are not light my friends!

And last night I was glutened. BIG TIME. I unknowingly ate two tortillas of a brand I have never tried (Mission White Corn). While wheat isn’t listed as an ingredient, I’m pretty sure they’re dirty. I woke up at 7am this morning and was a hot, watery mess in the bathroom. Ugh. I was pretty much nauseous all day, and everything I’ve eaten has gone straight through me.

Unfortunately, Parrish bought the tortillas. And as he tells it, the Yellow Corn Tortillas by this brand have gluten free on the label. The White Corn ones he purchased did not say gluten free, but he read the ingredients and thought they seemed okay. I researched it tonight, and their website claims they are gluten free. But the other items on my taco were cilantro, chicken, and Greek yogurt.

So I’m just not sure. In all honesty, I don’t want to eat anything. I can’t even describe how awful I felt today, and I still had to go to work. Their was a bigger job at hand.

And it’s all because of my job, that I am hanging in there right now. Because while I may be physically and mentally spent, I am on an emotional HIGH!!

We sold over $45,000 dollars worth of rugs in 5 short days!!!!! We were in total bliss when we locked the doors today (after reloading 350 rugs) because the artisans in Pakistan really REALLY really need support. And more than that, they need to get back to work!! And have their looms replaced and their homes rebuilt. And I could really go on…but I’m so tired.

And still feeling pretty sick :(

So I’ll just leave you with a pretty cute picture of Max. He’s been missing you guys! :)

breakfast 018 

breakfast 020

And he’s really hoping you guys will take him on a walk…and give him a treat!


Theresa said...

oh you poor thing! That's nasty! Great about the rug sale though! :)
Hope you feel better soon!!!

GF Gidget said...

BOO!!! Snuggle with your puppy! That always helps me!

Kate said...

:( I had the same reaction with the Mission White Corn tortillas. Now I only get the ones that say GLUTEN FREE. But so exciting about the rug sale - woohoo!!!!

Hope you are feeling better soon! (and I am back to blogging this week:)

Unknown said...

That totally stinks! Sorry you are feeling yucky!
I feel you on the working a lot, I have been working a lot too and it is so hard especially watching out for gluten when you have zero time!
That dog is adorable hope you get to snuggle with him and relax soon!

Kim said...

So sorry that you got sick! :( I haven't had issues with the Mission tortillas, but I may have been getting the yellow corn. Now I buy a Mexican brand (that I can't remember right now), but they come in a huge package for under $3. Hope U feel better soon!

Megan said...

Ulgh, that stinks! I guess food labels can't always be trusted, even when you can read all the ingredients. Hope you're on the mend!