Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It’s All About Compromise


Can you guys believe that I’m getting married in…a month!?! It honestly feels like just yesterday that I told you guys the great news. The closer I get to the big day, the more time I spend reflecting on how wonderful Parrish is, and how happy I am with our relationship. And yes, I am still weepy.

Many years ago, Parrish and I both learned the importance of compromise. And most recently, I’ve realized that we can even compromise with food. As I’ve told you guys before, Parrish can eat pretty much whatever he wants. He’s a 6 foot 4 bean pole who plays soccer every weekend! So last night when he suggested we have grilled chicken Caesar salads, I cringed. I suggested a fresh veggie grilled chicken salad and he cringed. So we compromised.

His and Hers Grilled Chicken Salads

a 024

We both started with a bed of freshly cut LOCAL romaine lettuce. Then…

a 026

he topped his with Caesar dressing, parmesan cheese, grilled chicken, and croutons.

a 025

I topped my salad with lemon juice, salt, pepper, avocado, grape tomato, and grilled chicken.

a 027

He was happy. I was happy. COMPROMISE :)


This morning I started my new VERY PART TIME job, where I get to help a sweet little guy get ready in the morning and then drop him off at school. I was pretty excited, as three years old is my favorite age! PLUS I’m going to use the extra income to buy my gym membership. I’m thinking about our local YMCA. One of my volunteers loves it there. Any Y lovers out there?

Since I woke up before the sun, I knew I needed to pack my breakfast to go. I just wasn’t hungry at 6am. Gluten free breakfast on the go…you guys know I struggle with this! But I decided to take a leap of faith, and try raw oatmeal. So I tossed in 1/3 cup gluten free rolled oats, 1/2 tbsp. chia powder, and 1/4 cup Bakery on Main gluten free granola.

a 029

When I was ready to eat breakfast, I stirred in one container of Stonyfield Farms Fat Free yogurt.

a 031

It really made…

a 035

a delicious mess! I ate around 8:30, and it held me over until noon! I typically like to eat my lunch around one o’clock, so when I pack this again for Friday i think I’ll add in some fresh fruit. Or maybe a protein powder?



I’m starting to stockpile some posts for when I’m on my honeymoon, and I’m looking for folks to write guest posts! You can be a blogger, or just a reader…you could even be a lurker! Email me if you’re interested :)

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Candice said...

I just wanted to let you know that I got married last weekend and had a completely gluten and egg-free reception for 80 people. Everybody raved about the food all night - quiches, tofu balls, bacon wrapped dates, wraps, dips, hummus, crackers, chicken satay, vegetables, brushetta, and cake! I hope your food is just as enjoyable and that your marriage gets off to a beautiful start!

Theresa said...

Aw, your salads are so cute :) I hope all the wedding prep keeps going well!!!