Monday, July 5, 2010

Water. Water. Water.


This has been my mantra for the last 24 hours! Between the sun and the cocktails from yesterday’s festivities, I am feeling a bit parched! But let’s back up, and start from the beginning!

Yesterday morning Parrish and I woke up and headed out! We wanted to get to the Eno River Festival early to meet up with some new friends. On the way I enjoyed my current FAVE yogurt:

4th of july 013

Stonyfield Strawberry Pomegranate LF Smooth and Creamy. LOVE IT! It’s sweet but tart and super creamy. Mmmmmm

The Eno River Festival was SO fun!

4th of july 017

There were 4 stages set up with music going the entire day! There were also over 100 booths of folks selling their handmade crafts. AND there were even a few informational booths! I was so excited to get to meet this guy:

4th of july 022

A two year old screech owl! He was precious. After listening to a few bands and checking out the booths, we headed down to the river.

4th of july 020

4th of july 019

The river was packed! :)

Around 1pm the sun really started to take it’s toll, and so we hung out in the shade for a while chatting and hydrating.

4th of july 018

After a fun morning with friends, Parrish and I split off and headed to Tyler’s for a late lunch. It’s so rare that we get a day off together, and I was really looking forward to one on one time with this guy!

4th of july 034

For lunch Parrish ordered Carolina Nachos. Which are basically nachos topped with pulled pork.

4th of july 031

Yummy? The red and black chips always freak me out a little bit. Being July 4th, I ordered a Carolina Burger sans bun with a side of garlic fries:

4th of july 028

I ate about half. That burger was huge! To further hydration, I ordered a Mojito:

4th of july 024

Which unfortunately was DISGUSTING! In Wilmington my friends own a restaurant called The Little Dipper, and they serve up the most amazing blueberry mojitos. This was barely drinkable. So I also chugged down an Emergen-C with water.

4th of july 026

After lunch we went and found a good spot on the lawn at the American Tobacco Campus. There was an event in honor of July 4th, and the band that we’re having play at our wedding was going to be there! So we thought it would make a fun afternoon. To pass the time until the bands started playing, we brought out the deck:

4th of july 045

and realized we probably needed to get a few drinks to hydrate. Good thing Tyler’s in Durham has Original Sin on TAP!!

4th of july 040

Numero Uno

4th of july 039

Numero Dos

(Side Note: Get used to seeing that green dress! It is the ONLY thing I own that shares the same neckline as my wedding dress. So if I’m outside during the day, I WILL be wearing that dress! ) :)

Later in the afternoon, we walked over to Cuban Revolution, another restaurant in the American Tobacco Campus. It was nice to sit in the AC for a bit AND enjoy their house specialty:

4th of july 042

Red Wine Sangria! This was tasty.

When we headed back outside, the lawn was getting pretty full:

4th of july 049

Thankfully, the sun had gone down behind the building and the temperature was perfect! After getting serenaded by our wedding band, Mandolin Orange

4th of july 047

we headed home. We were both so sleepy! We didn’t even stay long enough to catch the fireworks from the Durham Bulls game!! I guess we’re getting old ;)


Ok, I’m off to PAINT! We are two cabinet doors away from having our kitchen finished!! I’ll have pictures to share soon :)

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