Monday, July 19, 2010

Wait…what weekend? Part 1


Do you ever have a weekend that’s gone before it even came? When I woke up this morning all I could think was “Wait…what weekend?” Maybe it’s because I’ve been looking forward to this past weekend for months!! It was the weekend of our Co-Ed Just Friends Wedding Shower. PLUS it was our first event as an engaged couple! Since Parrish and I moved a few days after we got engaged, we never had an engagement party. So this wedding shower was super important to me, and I just couldn’t wait!

And this past weekend was filled with SO MUCH fun, that I actually am going to have to break it up in to TWO posts!! Let’s start with Friday:

I woke up Friday morning WAY before the alarm, and was practically itching to get on the road. To speed things up, I packed breakfast to go!

wedding weekend 001

Naked Juice is such a treat!

wedding weekend 004

Know what else was a treat?

This sandwich!

wedding weekend 005

Which Parrish once again gave the thumbs up! Udi’s where have you been for the past two years!?! I am seriously in awe of how delicious their bread is. You know how some gluten free breads have a “smell” when you heat them up? Udi’s has NO smell. And the texture is amazing! Are you guys as crazy about it as I am?

wedding weekend 009

We finished our sandwiches off with a sweet treat for dessert:

wedding weekend 002

If you follow me on twitter, then you know why we left super early on Friday.

One Word:

wedding weekend 013

Yeah baby. It was Parrish and I’s first trip to Ikea and we were pretty excited…and intimidated!

wedding weekend 010

It’s huge! So huge in fact that halfway through, I had to break out the reserves!

wedding weekend 011

I love these Amazing Grass GREENS superfood bars. It totally hit the spot, and in less than 2 hours, we were back outside trying to figure out how to fit our goodies into the car.

wedding weekend 014

Coming up next, PART TWO! And a recipe for this tasty dish:

wedding weekend 052


Theresa said...

Woah, you managed to get out of Ikea in two hours? I'd have been tempted to spend all day, haha!

Unknown said...

This may be part 3 of this story, but I thought it was worth jumping too...

Michele said...

Yup, I took some camping this weekend and got to have SANDWICHES. Not crumbly messes of chewy bread that would be ok if it was just toasted, but plain ol' untoasted, edible sandwiches.

kj said...

I *just* found Udi's bread too... omg. I'm so happy that I can eat sandwiches again!
Their bagels, chocolate muffins and lemon muffins are gooooood too!