Monday, July 12, 2010

Mellow Mushroom Gluten Free Pizza!?


Did you guys know about this and not tell me!?mellow mushroom 004

Mellow Mushroom has partnered with Still Riding Pizza to create a gluten free dough! Luckily, the Mellow Mushroom in downtown Durham is one of the “select locations”! I couldn’t believe my luck!!

mellow mushroom 005

Oh. Baby.

This pizza was so good! I chose red sauce with onion, mushroom, spinach, and broccoli topped with mozzarella.

mellow mushroom 006

It was so yummy. Thin crust with great flavor. I could pick it up and eat it with hands, no fork needed! I ate 2 1/2 pieces :)

The gluten free pizza only comes in medium, but I didn’t care! I took the rest of that baby home and enjoyed it for breakfast the next day! That’s right, I had leftover pizza for breakfast. How “normal” is that!?

mellow mushroom 007

PLUS it was so fun to enjoy a dinner with my friend Lindsay in a pizza place…and be able to order pizza!

Call your local Mellow Mushroom TODAY! Ask if they’re carrying the new gluten free crust! And if they’re not, ask them to!


Michele said...

How much more does it cost, though? And do they have Redbridge, like Uno's?

Stiney said...

OH man I had it a few weeks ago and freaking WEPT it was so good. I had it for lunch the next two days. I actually think I'm going there for dinner tonight. :D

Gluten Free Jesus Freak said...

This would be SO great if they had it in Nashville (my town). I'll have to call and start bugging them asap if they don't... My last meal before giving up gluten (out of necessity, of course...) was at the Mushroom!

And Krispy Kreme... What can I say? I have good taste.

Marlow said...

Michele- I have to say it wasn't cheap! The dough base is about $12 and I'm pretty sure each topping costs. But I will def dine again! A medium is a pretty big pizza. And they do have Redbridge!

Stiney- :)

cbe- Oh! Krispy Kreme!!!! I have to say that is the one food that I am thankful that I am now gluten free! I could eat 6 of those in under 5 minutes...maybe even under one minute!

Unknown said...

That's great and all, but when am I going to get some action on my "Tips From Parrish" page???

Anonymous said...

I think that eating pizza for breakfast is totally normal. If eating pizza isnt normal, i dont want to be normal!!

TheGirlCan'tHelpIt! said...

Hi Marlow,

We ate there Sat night and it was okay. Have had better GF pizza from two fast food pizza places (not here though). My pizza with 5 toppings was $23 and the Red Bridge is $4. I wouldn't hurry back, personally, because I don't like to have to fold my pizza to keep the toppings from flopping off and while the texture of the crust was much better for breakie the next day after being in the fridge, it no longer had much flavor in comparison to what it had when fresh.

Our party also had another GF pizza and a regular pizza, none of which were more than 'meh'

1artsychick said...

I tried Mellow Mushrooms GF pizza a few weeks ago. I too loved it! And the crust is actually a little healthier than most of the GF pizza crust out there. With the bean flour (and I couldn't taste the bean) it was wonderful.

I usually eat pizza at Z Pizza, and both of them are good, but I think I like Mellow Mushroom's better, and it's bigger, and I think cheaper.

Did you go on a night that the Bull's were playing? It can be so hard to get in there with the baseball traffic. Unless of course you're going to a game afterward, then it's cool.

1artsychick said...

Oh by the way, I'm right there with you on Krispy Kreme! I could just gobble those up!

Sometimes I do miss them, but it's probably a good thing.

Slimming Su said...

We have it in Columbia!

Anonymous said...

zpizza has GF pizza as well. It only comes in small unfortunately, but their crust is better than regular gluten crust! Its a little tiny bit sweet and is amazing. Its $11.50 here in MT for a pepperoni, of course the fancy pizzas (like my fav the Casablanca) are a little more. You should try it if you live near one!