Thursday, July 15, 2010

Matthew’s Chocolates


Okay, where I did I leave off? Oh yes! I was introducing you to one of the most amazing men…ever…Matthew Shepherd:

tuesdays 001

Owner and Chocolatier of Matthew’s Chocolates in downtown Hillsborough

tuesdays 009

As I mentioned I was scanning the main chocolate case, and I was completely thrilled to see how many of the treats were gluten free!

tuesdays 004

So many in fact, that I ended up purchasing a few treats for Parrish and I to share!

tuesdays 035

Each chocolate is like a tiny piece of art! When looking online for other reviews of Matthew’s, I noticed a few comments on the expense of the chocolates. Each one I bought was around $2, and while some folks would scoff at that price, I think it’s pretty reasonable. Handmade, hand molded, hand painted chocolates that are a tiny bite of heaven. I would much rather have one serving of delicious chocolate, than a bar of so-so chocolate. But enough about that, back to the chocolate!

tuesdays 034

They’re so pretty. My absolute favorite was the piece I let you preview. It was fun reading your guesses on the flavor, and one of you was spot on!

tuesdays 028

tuesdays 048

Key Lime White Chocolate Truffle

So. Good. Light, tangy, with a light sweetness. Up next:

tuesdays 031

Peanut Butter Crunch!

tuesdays 054

Up next:

tuesdays 029

My absolute FAVORITE! Vanilla Butter cream!! O.MI.GOODNESS

tuesdays 052

I would choose just one of these over a piece of wedding cake any day!

Up Next:

tuesdays 026

Definitely one of the prettiest! Coconut Cherry Chocolate

tuesdays 050

I love coconut. I really, really love coconut.

And lastly:

tuesdays 032

tuesdays 003

I don’t have a picture of the inside of this particular piece, because I savored it in one full bite. It was perfection.

PHEW! What a review. Looking at all the pictures sort of makes me want to drive to Hillsborough, just for a little fix. Not a big box, just a couple…well maybe a few. :)

What are your favorite flavors of chocolates?

I typically choose peanut butter and chocolate over everything…but now that I’ve tried vanilla butter cream and black coffee truffle, I’m torn!


suz said...

My favorite is also vanilla buttercream. Those look delicious; I'm going to see if he ships outside of town :)

Kate said...

Oh my! This was almost enough to send me away from my healthy breakfast of greek yogurt sprinkled w/ gf granola in search of chocolate!! Fabulous!

FYI - I know it's not THAT close by for you, but if you are ever in Nashville, PM restaurant has a fantastic gluten free menu.