Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lunch on the Go


One of the most common questions I get from readers is “What do you eat for lunch?” And it makes sense that lunch leaves new gluten free folks feeling lost. In my gluten days, I would pack a wrap or a sandwich and follow it up with a small salad or cup of soup.

But once I went gluten free, lunch was tough. I tried packing sandwiches, but at the time I hadn’t discovered Udi’s, and all other GF breads just didn’t appeal to me. They were thick, crumbly, and left me feeling like I had just eaten half a loaf of carbs.

So I started taking items that I would typically eat on a sandwich and topping a salad with it. Sometimes it works…sometimes it doesn’t. Yesterday it worked!


I had left over chicken and roasted tomatoes from this tasty dish, and served it over fresh spinach.


The gooshy tomato insides are the perfect dressing.

I washed it all down with my new favorite drink! Say goodbye Diet Coke demons and hello

udis 010

refreshing Pacific peach green tea!! I LOOOOOVED this tea. Too bad they’re like $1.75 a pop at Harris Teeter. I’m crossing my fingers they go on sale soon.

It was a super satisfying lunch! Now…if I could just get breakfast figured out!


Anonymous said...

If you like that tea you should try Steaz peach green tea -- it comes in a fun tall can! Single cans can be found in the Whole Foods & Earth Fare drink cases and, though more than a Coke, they're less than $1.75 a piece.

iampalegreen said...

No way @ that peach tea!!! Looks yummy! I wonder if they sell it in bulk on Amazon????