Thursday, July 1, 2010

If you thought that was fast…


Typically around 4 in the afternoon I start feeling hungry. Up until this last week, I would try to ignore the hunger and just tell myself that I would be eating supper in just a few hours. I hate spoiling my appetite. Sounds good, right? But the reality of that situation is that I would end up getting home at 6:30 and would be STARVING.

Getting to the hunger point of STARVING makes me highly irritable. And after 5 years of putting up with the Hungry Monster, I decided it was time to give Parrish a break.


Blueberry Mess!

This snack has really been working! In one of my Blender bottles, I add one serving of Fat Free Stonyfield Farms Vanilla yogurt and one handful of blueberries.


I store that in the fridge at work all day, and then when I start to feel hungry between 4 and 5, I add in the STAR ingredient:


Exotic Coconut Almond Bora Bora Bar

Crumble it in!


Mix it up!

huntersville weekend 048

And enjoy! This snack is Soooo tasty! I LOVE the texture of the Bora Bora bars. Coconut Almond is definitely my favorite!


Do you have a favorite afternoon snack?


Becky said...

this looks like my morning snack, except I use Udi's gluten-free granola as my magic ingredient. Yummy!

Celeste Jean said...

i miss yogurt... i am dairy free, too. i freeze my homemade soup in 2 serving size bags and thaw one in the afternoon for a bowl each for my son and i.

Michele said...

Goat milk yogurt.

In the afternoon I'll have hummus with orange pepper strips, or maybe some raw roll-ups (nori sheets with avacado and whatever else).

Oh, and crunchy sprouts + blue cheese, EVOO and ACV.