Wednesday, July 14, 2010

EXTRAordinary Day


Yesterday started out like a pretty typical day. Lunch was pretty boring…

tuesdays 036

Thankfully I remembered my fork :)

tuesdays 037

I call this “Turkey Saladwich” :) Romaine lettuce, cheddah, turkey, and a dash of olive oil with pepper

Is it the best thing I’ve ever eaten? Nah. But it’s good. It does the job. You know what was really good?

tuesdays 041

My dessert. :)

I. Love. Fresh. Cherries.

I am currently crazy for them. Luckily Whole Foods and Harris Teeter has been rockin’ the Washington State variety and putting those babies on sale! Funnily enough, I had never tried a fresh cherry until last year! (Shocking I know) I hate cherry flavored candy stuff, so I just assumed I wouldn’t like real cherries.

Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing baby!

The cherries definitely made my day better than typical, and after work it got even better when I met these pretty ladies, Linden and Amber,

tuesdays 017

at Tupelo’s in downtown Hillsborough for 1/2 price wine night!

Steamy summer nights call for chilled whites!

tuesdays 013

Luckily Linden and Amber have a favorite:

tuesdays 014

and it was a super delicious Sauvignon Blanc, Mantel Blanco 2009. Loved it!

Know what goes with wine?

tuesdays 019

Chocolates!!! Just my luck, Matthew’s Chocolates is literally a stones throw from Tupelo’s. My day was just about to become extraordinary! My luck continued when I realized that the master himself was in the house:

tuesdays 001

Meet Matthew Shepherd. The owner, creator, and…wizard behind Matthew’s Chocolates!

tuesdays 023

The main chocolate case was…

tuesdays 004

tempting. AND full of delicious treats that were absent of gluten!

But wait!

These chocolates were so good, they deserve a post all their own. (I even gave each piece it’s own photo shoot) So until tomorrow I’ll leave you with this:

tuesdays 028

Almost too pretty to eat…but I did.

Can you guess the flavor?


Emily @ The Southern Belle Blogs said...

Those chocoates look so good! If I had to guess, I would say that was a green tea flavored one!

Unknown said...


Travelling south from Cda for a Sat night pizza date in Durham with my husband.

Alex said...

im hoping key lime pie or mint chocolate since those are my faves

Unknown said...

I love wine and chocolate...
The little specks make me want to say vanilla bean and I'm trying to figure out what would work with that and made a green hue.

Darbi said...

Those look so good! I wish Memphis had a gluten free bake shop!!!!!