Friday, July 23, 2010

A Be-UDI-ful day


My boss let me take today off in addition to my other off days this week. Maybe she saw the fear in my eyes, or maybe there is some invisible clock ticking above my head…counting down the days until the wedding. I’m not sure, but I was grateful for sure! I spent my morning finishing up the embossing. I can’t believe I embossed 100 recycled CD cases.

fridays 013

I mean, this blog is Gluten Hates Me right?! Not “Marlow Crafts and Practically Kills Herself Before Her Wedding” blog.

After the embossing, I tortured myself further by handcutting 100 invitations.

fridays 001

And then I rounded off my afternoon by hand stamping half of the tiny favor bags that will contain the watermelon seeds we’re giving away to our guests.

fridays 011

fridays 016

One wonders if anyone will even notice these tiny details that I insist on doing, but I know myself. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And while I joke about working myself to death over the details, I did have a wonderful day. And thanks to the kind folks at Udi’s, it was truly a Be-Udi-ful day! (Oh yes I did.)

So I guess my sandwich caught the eye of a hungry marketer at Udi’s and I was asked to review some of their other products. Which YES I of course jumped at. I have pretty much fallen head over heels in love with Udi’s and I couldn’t wait to see what else my new love had to offer!

For breakfast (my first course) I DEVOURED

embossing 030

ONE gluten free double chocolate muffin.

embossing 019

It was rich. Dark. Moist. Magical.

embossing 024

I don’t know how the bakers at Udi’s do it. I mean, you would think that it’s not gluten free. That’s how perfect it is. I will say that I wasn’t overjoyed by the nutrition facts. After being so impressed with the bread, I was a bit sad about these muffins. BUT a DOUBLE CHOCOLATE muffin is what it is. It’s a delicious treat to be enjoyed occasionally. Or…often. :)

For lunch I broke open the FAMOUS Udi’s Whole Grain Bread:

udis 002

Friends, if you’re not sitting SIT DOWN.

This bread is not crumbly. It doesn’t weigh a metric ton. It doesn’t have to be toasted. It is heaven crystallized in a loaf of gluten free bread.And the nutrition facts make all other gluten free loaves embarrassed!!

I’ll admit I did dress it up a bit though. I mean, I could have just eaten these two plain slices sans everything. But I decided to use up some of the ingredients left over from pizza night (don’t worry we’ll get there).

I present:

udis 017 

“That’s Not a Pizza Sandwich”

I mean just look at it. Ooey Gooey 2% Mozzarella with homemade tomato sauce and one slice of pepperoni. Toasted and Melted in to oblivion :)

I dare you to make this sandwich and try not to eat it standing up in the kitchen before you can even make it to a plate. Spread red sauce on each side of the bread, that’s the important part.


embossing 002

Have you guys tried these? For frozen pizza I will have to say that I was super impressed.

I had a hard time deciding what type of pizza to make. The crust comes in a pack of two, so Parrish and I each made our own. I thought about making a pizza like the one I had at Mellow Mushroom, or an olive oil base with artichoke and garlic. But I really was craving the basics: Red sauce, Pepperoni, and Asiago to spice it up.

embossing 004

I topped my crust frozen and then baked in the oven. I did end up baking it a bit longer than the package specified, and I wish the instructions had indicated whether or not I should use a baking sheet. I opted not to use a baking sheet, and I’m not sure if it made a big difference.

embossing 010

Can you tell I’ve been craving pepperoni? I used two big circles and cut it in to small strips. If I weren’t a blushing bride I would have LOADED it up.

I love the taste of this crust. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but it wasn’t starchy. I didn’t taste tapioca. It was buttery almost.

Parrish also loved the pizza crusts! He’s such a good sport about eating gluten free. Typically we would both share a slice, but when he told me the name of his pizza I decided to pass. He calls it, The Tri-City Squealer:

embossing 012 

Topped with onion, pepper, sausage, pepperoni, and BBQ. YES, three different types of pork. My oh my. Only a man could eat that and not have it show up in cellulite.


Ok, I’m off to attempt to cut perfect triangles out of fabric. If you follow me on twitter then you know what I’m up to. Any advice?


TheGirlCan'tHelpIt! said...

Hi April! Where do you get your Udi's products, or do you mail order them?

Wedding tip: Don't forget to enjoy yourself, and each other!

kj said...

I LOVE those chocolate muffins!! I even froze some then nuked them for a bit and they were even better! YUM. I'll be searching for that pizza crust next.