Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer: Slow VS Rushed


I LOVE weekends off. Working for a non-profit, you’d think I’d have tons of those, but our non-profit runs a retail store; so I’m there most weekends. But if you’ve read this blog for long, then you know I love my job. I’m not complaining; I just don’t always love the hours.

This past weekend I had a few days off, so I made a special trip to see my bestie sister and


Lil’ Gluten Loves Me ! On Saturday we went down to visit our other sister and these cuties:

huntersville weekend 101

Gabriel and his twin sister Chloe, and an un-pictured baby Liam

huntersville weekend 096

It was SO much fun to spend a weekend with my nieces and nephews. (And YES twins run in my family!! It never skips a generation and it may or may not make me a bit nervous!!) We spent all day Saturday outside playing in the water and enjoying the sun.

huntersville weekend 107

It really is what I would consider a perfect summer day! Lil’ Gluten Loves Me agreed!

I spent several days at my bestie’s house and one night she and my BIL Scotty made the perfect summer meal:


Perfectly seasoned, perfectly cooked steak with grilled peppers and onions. Simple and satisfying!

It was so nice to spend an entire day with my family, prepare supper together, and take our time enjoying each bite. No worries about deadlines or alarm clocks.

But I’m not naive. I know that having a job is part of being a grown up…at least it is when you and your husband plan on saving the world. SO I like to have tasty, quick standbys that still remind me that it’s summer. (Even when I’m in a hurry!) And that can hopefully be prepared with as few dishes as possible.

My bestie Joan had given me this gem from her and Scott’s own garden:


A Stripey Tomato

So I paired it with a handful of basil


from Parrish’s garden:


I chopped the basil and tomato and added it to chopped onion. I sliced a baguette from GF Against the Grain Gourmet and topped it with the tomato mixture. I drizzled the bread with olive oil, balsamic, and fresh pepper. Then I sprinkled just a wink of low fat mozzarella. Bake on broil until the cheese is bubbly and brown!


Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm

The crunchiness from the baguette paired with the tangy tomato, creamy cheese, and the sweet balsamic is heaven. These summer flavors belong together.


What are some of your favorite summer foods? My top five would be:

As seen above: Summer Bruschetta

A similar dish sans gluten free bread

Baked Tomato Strata

Summer Squash Gratin

Crust-less Peach Pie

Oh man, making this list reminded me of how good that peach dessert is…hmmm :)


Michele said...

Well, Scott is the CHAMP! He's got the trophy to prove it.

Anonymous said...

yummo scott cooks good food!ice cream looks good too!