Thursday, June 17, 2010

Half-way There


I finally finished my About Me page! Reflecting on the past two years really made me realize just how long it’s been since having gluten! BUT when I start thinking about how long it’s been…I start to think about how quickly September 18th is coming. Oh my lord. I’m getting married!

Okay, let’s change gears before I start making lists again. Back to Sunday!

While Parrish worked on trimming the tree:

weekend revisited 026

Max worked on his water bowl:

weekend revisited 021

and on being adorable!

And I worked on the flower boxes. Behold! Death:

weekend revisited 022


Playing in the yard is currently my favorite part of being a homeowner! I showed that box of death who’s boss!

weekend revisited 029

I planted a back row of petunias and in the front I planted a trailing plant. I can’t find it’s marker, but hopefully I can get the name for you soon!

weekend revisited 035

Much better!

weekend revisited 036

Hey lady!


In other news I FINALLY watched Glee for the first time tonight!

I know, I know.

day off 021

What? You don’t peel peaches while watching TV?

day off 020

Multi tasking baby. I LOVE local peaches, but they often become ticking time bombs sitting on my counter. I always get over zealous when I see them at the Farmer’s Market and over buy. So tonight I peeled all the ripe ones and cut them in to chunks to freeze. I see lots of peachy oatmeal batches in my future. :)

Do you guys watch Glee? I thought it was pretty good! I was in dance all through high school and choral too, so of course I loved it!

Max tried to stay up to watch it:

day off 019

But he was just too tired. He played with all his toys!

************* TGIF!!

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GF Gidget said...

I'm totally eating a peach as I type this! Yay for progress on the blog and new house!