Sunday, June 13, 2010



Over the next 48 hours, this blog is getting a MAJOR face lift.

I’m bringing out the BIG GUNS:

weekend revisited 025

(He he. Naw, that’s just Parrish doing some yard work. But more on the yard transformation later) :)

If you haven’t read the news, (thanks SHU) Blogger has FINALLY added “pages” or tabs!! Now I don’t have to get all fancy and try to somehow transfer to Wordpress!

So while I’m working out the kinks…and going NUTS because now my blog title picture is off center…I thought I would take this opportunity to see:

What do you guys want to see?

Aside from an ‘About Me’ page, what other sorts of info would you like to see? What sorts of questions would you like answered? Anything! Just ask :)

After tons of emails about putting together a gluten free wedding, I thought a Gluten Free Bride to Be page might be helpful. Parrish is insisting he have a page…although I don’t know what it will say!? Maybe how to cope when your wifey is diagnosed with Celiac Disease!

So let me know! And please…



Unknown said...

"Gluten Free Ladies and the Men Who Love Them"

Unknown said...

or for a slightly edgier page...."Gluten-Free Oil Spills"...this could be a collaboration of blog posts about GF fried food and offshore drilling.

funnyhaha said...

I always love your links. Maybe a 'give aways' tab? Always love a 'shwag' tab...t-shirts, bumberstickers, etc. Gluten free support/ support groups/ community resources? Go, April!

GF Gidget said...

I need to get on the blogger re-design train! I vote for About Me and Recipes tabs