Monday, June 7, 2010

Bull Riding


I had read over on Carpe Durham that there was going to be a rodeo this past Sunday, from 11:30 to 3pm and I was DYING to go!

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Wait, not that kind of rodeo.

And yes, that is me. Circa 2004. Livin’ the dream.

It was a FOOD RODEO! Circa 2010!

a food truck 006

And it was packed!!

a food truck 007

There was a gluten truck and a gluten truck AND a gluten truck!! Just kidding :) But seriously, there was the Korean taco truck BulKogi, DaisyCakes, Parlez-Vous Crepes, Only Burger, the BigRedBus Indian Truck, and Loco Pops!!

Parrish and I arrived around 1:30, and pretty much every truck was sold out. I wasn’t really going to eat, as there was only ONE truck I could get food from. We were mainly just going because it’s not everyday that there’s a food truck rodeo!

So I opted to get a Loco Pop while Parrish scanned the lines to see what was available.

a food truck 008

While standing in line I overheard the guy in front of me…ok, I was totally eavesdropping…anyway, the guy was complaining about how there was NOTHING he could eat. And he was starving! And I just smiled to myself. I thought “WELCOME TO MY LIFE!” and then I stopped smiling and wondered if he was what I sound like to Parrish…moving on.

a food truck 009

Parrish came back from the lines empty handed, and found me with a Black Raspberry Mojito Loco Pop. Yeah son! And he wanted me to share…

a food truck 010

What this? Share this? But I licked it and I’m pretty sure I’m not up to date on my cootie shot.

Turns out getting engaged makes your fiancé immune to your cooties. Darn!

After the rodeo, we headed down to Dain’s Place on Ninth Street:

a food truck 013

where I enjoyed a cool glass of my favorite cider, Original Sin.

a food truck 011

And of course Parrish didn’t ask me to share! ;)


Do you guys have food trucks where you live? Durham seems to have a ton, and the community really supports it!


Courtney said...

Marlow, I love your blog. =) It looks like you had fun!

Jessica said...

Cute post! I love our food trucks and I love Dain's!!

funnyhaha said...

Ummmmm. You know Darren LOVES a taco truck. I think he would've had one cater our wedding if I would've let him. :) He's totally going to die when he hears about this. And then he'll shake his fists at the gods for trucks that were empty of food. Fail!

Michele said...

Ya know who took me to my first (and only) rodeo? Your dad!

Original Sin is my favourite, too - well, really about the only one I can stand, that isn't all sugary and sweet.