Sunday, May 30, 2010

It. Was. Epic.


TMP May 2010

Too Much Pork For Just One Fork was legendary! Need a refresher on the story behind the night? Reread here.

The night started off with two of my favorite food groups:

Dip and Dippers

The dip was actually more of a spread:

too much pork 038

Uncle Chuck’s Ricotta Spread

too much pork 039

In the mix: Ricotta Salata, olive oil, lemon juice, pepper…love?


too much pork 030

Peter Piper picked a peck of delicious peppers:

too much pork 036

While we started in on the appetizers, Chuck worked diligently on the main course:

too much pork 048



too much pork 043

Who needs bread when you have a cucumber!?!

Especially when followed up with a delicious glass of red wine!

too much pork 037

Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo…I’ll have a glass of all three yo!

too much pork 055

The first wine we tried is a contender for the wedding:

too much pork 050

Darien Rioja Tempranillo 2008

The first word I came up with for this wine was DRINKABLE. It had a carbonated – or Spritey ;) – finish. It was on the sweeter end but not sugary. Delicious! And I believe, available at Trader Joe’s! The second wine we tried was the:

too much pork 060

Oscar Tobia Rioja Tempranillo 2001

I couldn’t get past the smell of this wine! It was SUPER oaky. Distractingly so to me. However, it didn’t taste oaky (thank goodness) it was actually very smooth!

By the time we polished off the appetizers:

too much pork 075

and two bottles of wine. It was time.

too much pork 072

And I was ready. Actually…I could have used a bigger fork. Because this:

too much pork 084

Was fresh from the oven!

And Chuck was ready to carve!

too much pork 080

Grab your plate!

too much pork 085

Braciole of Niman Ranch Pork Loin stuffed with prosciutto and a medley of rendered local pork belly and spinach with black olives.

too much pork 092

Served with a mushroom ragout. (Which may or may not have been cooked in rendered pork belly) :)

too much pork 093

Cooked to perfection! Every bite was perfect. Perfect. Did I say perfect?

The prosciutto wrapped on the inside was GENIUS.

I may have cleaned my plate.

too much pork 098 

And as stated previously, I may have wanted to lick it clean.

With dinner we drank from the third bottle:

too much pork 062

Barahonda Barrica 2007

I think this wine was my favorite! Smooth and tart. But then again, I was on my third or fourth glass.

too much pork 066

In lieu of dessert, I went back for a second helping of pork. Too much. Delicious.

The best part of Too Much Pork For Just One Fork? I’ve heard a rumor that an evening for Part TWO is in the works!!

too much pork 059

Maybe you guys could come? :)


I hope you have an awesome (and awesomely safe) Memorial Day Weekend!