Tuesday, May 18, 2010




Parrish and I are HOMEOWNERS! We closed at 10am Monday morning :) After signing, and signing, and signing…and then waiting for the deed to get registered, we were handed the keys! And we went directly…

to Lowe’s Hardware!

Let’s just say, our kitchen was original to the house.

new house yo! 012

Totally 80’s. And NOT in a good way. Two toned “wood” cabinets. Niiiiice.

At Lowe’s we bought a steely gray paint for the walls, primer for the cabinets, and a butt load of white paint.

First we started removing all the doors and cleaning the the surfaces:

new house yo! 011

And we took down that wooden board in between the shelves over the window. My Super MIL pointed out it’s purpose is to camo the curtain rod. Ehh, we weren’t sold. Removing the board really opened the window up. PLUS it was super homeowner-y to look at the beam and be like “I don’t like that. Let’s remove it.” (and we can cause we own it yo!)

After removing the doors, I set to peeling up miles and miles of cow printed sticky shelf liners.

new house yo! 020

So. Much. Cow. Print.

new house yo! 019

Parrish started painting the tallest wall.

new house yo! 016

We didn’t have a ladder. But no worries.

new house yo! 017

We own a fridge now too :) Perfect.

By the end of our first day as homeowners, we had applied two coats of paint to the walls and two coats of primer on the top cabinets and doors.

new house yo! 022

Can you tell we’re excited to be homeowners? And NO that is not an empty Diet Coke bottle.

Have you guys ever done any updating or renovating on your own? Since Parrish and I are getting married in September (and paying for most of the wedding) we don’t have a big budget. Any tips? Success stories?

Once home I was really wishing supper was already made. Luckily the recipe we were trying out wasn’t too hard, and in 30 minutes we had:

new house yo! 027

Pinapple Glazed Salmon with Veggies

(aka Looks Fancy but It Ain’t Salmon with Veggies)

I used another Cooking Light recipe, found here. The past few weeks I’ve been really satisfied with the Cooking Light recipes we’ve tried! Like this one and this one. When I research the recipes I look for great reviews, and I’ve yet to disagree!

We both really loved the salmon! The glaze wasn’t overly sweet. I did omit the brown sugar and subbed in honey, but that’s just because that’s what I had on hand.

For dessert, I treated myself to my new FAVORITE…MOST DELICIOUS…BESTIE BEST…SCRUMDIDLIYUMCIOUS…dessert:


Glutino Chocolate-Covered Pretzels were another item that Mambo Sprouts sent for me to review, and I’ll admit that I did squeal when I saw them in the box. I honestly feel like GF folks get the MOST excited about food.


 new house yo! 034


new house yo! 036


 new house yo! 037


new house yo! 039


new house yo! 040

And may or may not have licked my fingers! :)

I honestly couldn’t get over how delicious these pretzels were! Word on the street is that there are yogurt-covered pretzels too! Can you believe it!?! Can’t wait to try them!


Okay, LOST is on in five. I hope you guys have a great hump day tomorrow!


Theresa said...

Congrats! It must be so exciting! Good on you for doing your own renovating. I've never done any, but my parents painted our whole huge house and my sister painted her house [it was swimming pool blue, eugh!]. I'm sure you'll be able to make it look lovely on the budget!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new home. I am sure that any changes you make will result in a lovely home. Cant wait till we get to see the before and after photos. I also agree with you on the Diet Coke thing. I love it and I keep myself to two cans a day, NO more. I really dont think its that bad because I have a balanced diet and I work out regularly so I deserve it!! :)

Janetha @ meals + moves said...

ah! congratulations! home renos are just SO fun.. let me tell you *rolls eyes* but it will be great to make your house your HOME! i cant WAIT to move into mine.. 2 months!

Allie said...

congrats! wow you guys signed the p&s and closed so fast! that's awesome - ours took forever. good luck with the home renovations, if you're not already addicted to HGTV, i would recomment Holmes on Holmes (big projects, but good ideas) and many many other channels! we are finishing our own basement and holmes has given us some good tips!

Megan said...

Woohoo! Congratulations on the new home! We just bought a home about 8 months ago that's, um, aesthetically challenged, let's say. My advice = paint early and often! Looks like y'all are off to a great start!!

Kathleen said...

Wow, Marlow. I envy those pretzels... I'll be looking for them on my next trip to the "city."

We are going to be buying a home [hopefully] in a few weeks. I look forward to seeing your updated kitchen! Congratulations on being a homeowner.

Oh, and loved that you commented on your DC, I remember reading the original post and feeling the exact same-- we've given up so much already, it's very difficult to stop drinking diet soda too. Diet Dr. Pepper is my own personal poison :/

Unknown said...

The kitchen transition looks great! Congrats on the new house!

Lost + Gluten Free Chocolate covered pretzels = bliss by the way. I'll have to try some :)

1 week in and I haven't given up yet!


GFDINER - Kathy said...

CONGRATS. Tips for home changes on a budget. For light fixtures, etc see if there is a local Goodwill or Habitat Store that has fixtures. There is one in Ft Collins. Also ask paint stores if have colors maybe mixed wrong, they usually sell them lots cheaper. Also garage sales are great. LOVE YOUR BLOG. YOU ROCK.

Jen said...