Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chia What? Chia Who?


So I guess I’m not the only one who’s crazy for Chia!? I’m not sure that I’ve ever gotten that many emails about one posting before! I love it :) So let’s delve a bit deeper in to Chia…the Aztec Superfood…not the pet!

chia recap 051

The most frequently asked question was what brand I bought and where I bought it: Navitas Naturals Chia Powder @ Whole Foods

I would love to say I researched brands and went looking for this particular purchase, but that’s just not true. It was total impulse buy! Foodies should never be allowed in to Whole Foods to kill time! As I said before, I read an article about chia previous to buying it. PLUS when I read the package and saw 6g of fiber per tbsp. I was sold! As a gluten free gal, I always feel like I’m getting way too much corn and rice. (And potato, hello!) PLUS, I’m always jealous of other gluten lovers and their whole grain this and that.

chia recap 055 

Another frequent question was why I chose the sprouted chia powder over the whole chia seeds.

chia recap 061

Working at a food co-op really taught me a lot about food. One thing I learned was that ground flax seed is easier for body to digest and assimilate than flax seeds. Because flax seeds are so small, your teeth just can’t quite gnash the seeds enough to break it up for your digestive system. SO for small seeds, I’ve always gone the ground powder route. (I also learned that steamed broccoli has more nutritional value than raw!)

On the Navitas website, they explain: “in a sprouted, finely milled powder. Inherently full of healthy omega fats, protein, antioxidants and dietary fiber, the small chia seed’s nutrition is even more enhanced by the process of sprouting. This germination of the seeds increases the nutritional profile and enzyme content, and allows the food becomes more easily digested and assimilated within the body.”

mondays 012

The biggest questions on the comment board was flavor. Did the chia powder drastically change the taste of the oats. The answer: yes and no.

The first batch I made I thought I used 2 tbsp. in the mix, but I actually only used 1 tbsp. I was using a 1/2 tbsp, when I thought I was using a 1 tbsp. Shown above, you can see that the chia is there but not dominating. The first batch honestly had no taste to me. It was the same whipped banana oats flavor to me.

My second batch…I actually measured out 2 tbsp. I could tell the difference right away while cooking. The extra chia powder totally sucked up all the water and soymilk…almost instantly!

chia recap 008


The result was a chia oat cookie. SUPER THICK and very nutty. It wasn’t terrible, but it was incredibly boring! I actually ended up taking in the car with me on the way to work in my super stylish oats on the go container:

chia recap 005


You guys were also curious about the cooking process. Do I add the chia before or after. Before! In my pot I start with 1/3 cup water then add in 1/3 cup vanilla soymilk light, 1/3 cup Bob’s Red Mill GLUTEN FREE rolled oats, half of a banana in thin slices, and 1 tbsp. chia powder. I cook the oats on medium and when it starts to boil, I whip it in to submission. This allows the banana to basically melt away. (It’s a KERF method) I don’t really love banana, but I do love the texture of the oats.

Any other questions about chia? Feel free to ask! And as always, feel free to ask me anything! I’m pretty much an open book.


But I have been doing more this past week than just eating chia powder! Like…

chia recap 027

Keeping Diet Coke at bay by drinking this super yummy tea! Sencha green tea is da’ best and adding pomegranate, cranberry, and flower blossoms makes it positively crave-worthy!

chia recap 031

Enjoyed at work.

chia recap 037

Hello tastiness. Diet Coke? I don’t need no stinkin’ Diet Coke. But I do need caffeine!

Caffeine and…

chia recap 044

this handsome fella! We set out to do MORE house hunting today! Yes, on Easter Sunday. Houses in the 150’s wait for no one! So we drove in to Durham early to enjoy some sunshine and brews before looking. I highly recommend doing this before every house hunting session!

My brew:

chia recap 046

Blackthorn fermented cider. The Federal in downtown Durham did NOT have Redbridge my obvious first choice! Nor did they have New Grist, Bard’s, or Green’s. They also didn’t have Original Sin OR the dreaded Woodchuck. Blackthorn was the only gluten free option other than wine and liquor. Eesh. So I went for it!

chia recap 043

Glad I did! It was sweet but no sickening. I wouldn’t order more than one for sure, but it hit the spot. Did I forget to mention that it was in the 80’s today!? Lovin’ it!

I hope everyone has a great start to their week!                                     Tomorrow is the FIRST day of my birthday week!!

Remember last year? Tough to top! :)

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Farty Girl said...

Wow! Great post! So glad to hear you've found chia.
Does it make you feel more awake and energized? It's better than caffeine, I think. :)

I love the Gypsy tea too. My local market has coconut chai and red lavender in that brand. Do you get those? If not, I may have to send you some as a wedding present or something. The Gypsy lady can do no wrong!

Someone said to me a week or so ago that gluten intolerants can have cider. This blew my mind! Thanks for clarifying that! I can't wait to start trying out some ciders.