Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wait…it’s Wednesday?


I woke up this morning and could have sworn it was Friday. I was up, lacing my tennis shoes, before I fully woke up and realized it was Wednesday. Sometimes I swear by brain gets a kick out of tricking me.

But no worries, I wasn’t depressed. I was too busy getting excited to run on the treadmill with all of these beautiful people:


Oh yeah. That’s right. The Young and the Restless. :) I came clean with you about my Diet Coke addiction, so why not tell you about the one soap opera I just can’t seem to live without!?! As Parrish would say, I’m just full of surprises.

I LOVED reading your comments about the Diet Coke addiction. And yes Gabriela, I also call it DC!! :) I was thinking today. I wonder if I could create some sort of tea, mixed with seltzer, that would be calorie free but provide bubbles and caffeine.

So after the running this morning, I very stupidly ate cereal. Not that eating cereal is stupid. Well, unless it’s not gluten free. But, eating ONLY cereal after exercising and BEFORE a big day at work…not smart. So for lunch I splurged and bought a giant chef salad FULL of meats. (yes, when I’m hungry I crave meats. sad.)

wednesday 016

Romaine with tomatoes (blech, out of season tomatoes are narsty), turkey, ham, cheddar, and hardboiled eggs (yay!!). They included ranch, but not knowing the ingredients, I was a good gluten hater and ditched it. The salad was great without, but I felt starving pretty much 30 minutes after eating it. I had to have a serious conversation with my stomach just to make it through the day. (hey stomach, you’ve eaten enough. shut up already. love you, gluten hates me)

Work was busy, busy. I feel like I’m always writing that…but work is pretty much always busy. If you work in retail, you’ll be interested to know that we got a new fixture today it was SO fun! If you don’t work in retail…you’ll be bored by that, but I promise, new fixtures are super fun…we put coin purses in it.

I had a few shoppers past closing, but I honestly didn’t mind. We were having a great conversation about our artisans in Pakistan, and how amazing they are. I could brag on our artisans all night long. By the time I got home I was


to the max. SO…I somehow let Parrish talk me in to:

wednesday 011

His and Hers nachos.

Totally unhealthy and totally delicious.

I washed it down with a new beer I had been wanting to try forever. Well, maybe not forever, but since Jen mentioned it!

v day 008

Meh. She’s no Redbridge. But I did like the caps!

v day 012

Yes. I think they would.


Okay, Modern Family starts in five minutes. So I’ll leave you with quite possibly the best news ever. My bro-in-law Sir Scott emailed me this:


P.F. Changs is introducing 5 NEW gluten free dishes!!! If you’re gluten free and haven’t tried Changs, you’re missing out. Not only do they have a gluten free menu ready for you, but it’s on the back of their regular menu! With all the other items they offer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gabriela said...

Yesss so glad I'm not alone in the DC nickname!! I love PF Chang's, so it's great they have a gluten free menu! I can't imagine living without their deliciousness :)

Jen said...

LOL Sorry you're not impressed with the Bard's. I kinda like them both the same (redbridge) but rarely do I drink alcohol so it doesn't much make a difference.

Chandice said...

Love the confession! :) Sorry, I have been slacking. I having been meaning to post about how we had the privilege of having the director of culinary operations for P.F Chang's at our last support group meeting, along with many other executive chefs. He announced the new menu and even had all his AZ locations have theirs ready two weeks before National launch just for our support group! He gave all of us a 15.00 gift card too. It was awesome! I will definitely be getting those same speakers next year for our discussion on dining out gluten-free!!! I can't wait to try all the yummy food. :)

Farty Girl said...

Nothing can beat our RedBridge!!! NOTHING!!! :)

Michele (cousin) said...

Chil, it's no wonder you're not losing much weight! Your diet is megadelicious, but not at all calorie/sugar/fat concious. You should have ditched the ranch, period. Good move. I would have also ditched the meat and cheese. :P

I had Bard's back when it first came out (nearly ten years ago). Had a dragon on it, then. I never liked it.

Green's is hands down the best.