Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Today is the Day


that I tried on a smaller size pants…

tuesdess 038

and they fit! :) (Do you spy a sleepy puppy?)

I was so excited that these pants fit! Since going gluten free, I have really struggled with my weight gain. The additional fat and calories in GF substitute foods, such as breads and pastas, really threw my for a loop. But exercise (and less GF bread) has really helped!

Also this morning I was a very responsible blogger and took photos of my lunch while I packed! I know right? I’m blogging at normal intervals and actually taking photos of my lunch…who am I? :)

tuesdess 017

Carrot and celery sticks for lunch time crunching. And because I LOVE dips…but hate calories and fat, I made a tasty batch of

tuesdess 018  PLUS tuesdess 019 EQUAL

tuesdess 022

A super tasty dip! This wasn’t my favorite yogurt dip ever, but it was good! My favorite is mixing 0% Greek Yogurt with Simply Organic Dill Dip. I don’t remember which blog I first read that was using Greek Yogurt as a substitute for sour cream, but THANK YOU whoever you are! Cause girl, I LOVE to dip!

I also made myself a smoothie to have for lunch. I hate being super full after lunch at work; I just get too sleepy. In the mix was a new product I clipped a coupon for:

tuesdess 024

Dole Ready-Cut Frozen Fruit

tuesdess 026

I picked out the strawberries for the smoothie. I’m going to save the bananas for oatmeal! With the strawberries I added the new juice, a hint of vanilla soymilk & three handfuls of:

tuesdess 028

A Berry Green Monster

tuesdess 032

Hello Deliciousness.

I also packed some slices of cheese, but not surprisingly I should’ve packed a bit more food. Around 4:30 my stomach was grumbling! So I searched in the back of the food cupboard at work and unearthed some peanut butter. Perfect! And look what else I found:

tuesdess 002

I REALLY like the lemonade flavor, so I thought I’d mix it up today and try these. Apparently I bought these almost a YEAR ago. Oops. Guess I was thinking about going chemical free last spring too ;)

tuesdess 013

I only used 1/4 of the packet and added water. Verdict?

Ehh…not as good as the lemonade. It sort of tasted like liquid smarties. I’m not a fan of smarties. Good thing I know someone who is!

Luckily the peanut butter held me over through my afternoon and commute home. I was excited when I got home and remembered that tonight’s meal involved:

tuesdess 040

We LOVE this Lundberg Risotto! It’s super easy and never fails to be tasty! PLUS

tuesdess 042

Oh yeah. That’s how we like it!

We mixed in grilled chicken and topped it with shredded mozz.

tuesdess 050

Super quick. Delicious!


Ok friends. Me and this glass of vino

tuesdess 044

from my

tuesdess 046

Black Box have a date with LOST in 3 minutes! I’m so excited!! Last week’s Charles Widmore cliff hanger had me thinking all week!!


Gabriela said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I'm a huge fan of pre-sliced frozen fruit, makes mornings so much easier!

funnyhaha said...

zI'm super-stoked for you, but you look fabulous as is. I started WW again since I'm packing some serious heat after baby #2. Her allergy to dairy + breast feeding means no butter, milk, ice-cream, cheese... Painful, but I lost a few lbs. myself this week, too. It is SUCH a good feeling. Only a zillion more lbs. to go.

Unknown said...

Hey, it must be a weight loss week! I lost 5 lbs. Oh yeah. I have never had one of those monster smoothies. I think I might try one. Thanks for the tip! ;)

trishtator said...

It makes me happy that you love Lundberg Risotto too. This is totally the thing we grab when we have a late night - so tasty!

Nadya said...

I have been making coconut milk kefir (so easy!) It cultures in 24 hours, so I seem to be drinking/eating a lot of it!! So much cheaper than purchased kefir or yogurt - & I seem to do better with non-dairy, esp since going GF. (I avoid most soy, as it depresses the thyroid, & I think contributed to my post menopause weight gain - love the coconut, as it supports thyroid health - I've lost ~ 15# since making the shift to coconut oil n milk, & going GF !!)
I love frozen blueberries . . .

Nadya said...

Mmm - a few weeks ago my daughter attended the monthly 'gluten free friends' GIG, & a nurse who's GF would second your comment on cutting down the bread - she suggested using the more nutrient dense seeds n small grains in preference - quinoa, teff & buckwheat (not a wheat - related to rhubarb!) being some of the ones to start including, as our bodies NEED more nutrients after years struggling to get past the wheat! & that rice is good - but not as nutrient dense as some of the others!
I'd always been a 'whole grain' gal, & find the small grains cook in ~ 20 min - usually do a mix: millet, quinoa, amaranth, a T or 2 of teff (african millet), perhaps some GF oat groats; so was happy to hear this bit of advice!

Kate said...

I agree on the weight loss - but for a slightly different reason. When I first got my diagnosis, I always stayed stocked up on GF "treats" since I felt like I was being deprived. Not good for energy or my jeans - LOL! Now if I want a treat, most of the time it's a green smoothie or kale chips;)

Joan said...

Now I know where your niece gets her love of dipping... :)

Denise @ Raw Brides said...

Congrats on the weight loss!

The problem when you cut something out then usually something else just replaces it - for example - you can be technically vegan but live on potato crisps, which can put on weight.

Literally the ONLY thing that works for me weight wise is that when I follow these simple rules, most of the time.

* Big fruit smoothie for breakfast (fresh tho, not from concentrate or from the store)
* Salad with every meal, first and then whatever I feel like after.
* Nothing with unrecognisable ingredients where possible

I also avoid most packaged stuff, tinned foods, and don't eat a lot of cheese or "health" foods like packaged tofu, etc.

As natural as possible...it sounds hard but I make it work most of the time, with a big of leeway.

9 kgs so far for me...

good luck,

Michele said...

I don't know about Jeannie, but my mom and I just simplify by not bothering with much GF substitution (bread, pasta, etc.). I guarantee, if you'd cut out the oatmeal, pizza, nachos, muffins, breads, etc. for one measly month, you'd see a difference.

Not to mention, save money.

Frozen cherries+banana+carob (and some sort of greens, I put them in whatever fruit concoction I make) is super good.

I also like banana+honey+walnuts.

Also, I'm already looking forward to envying whatever y'all eat Saturday.

Kathleen said...

Sooo glad to see that I'm not the only one that struggles with my weight since my diagnosis. I noticed that whenever I made a GF mix that it called for tons of butter... something that regular mixes don't need. I've been trying to stay away from bread and I have noticed that I've dropped a couple lbs too. Yeah for us!