Thursday, March 25, 2010

It’s all NEW


Spring always makes me feel…hopeful. It’s a season full of fresh starts and change.

new foods 022

It’s even on the cover of the latest body + soul magazine!

BUT I love routine. I’m the sort of person who could literally eat the exact same thing week after week for lunch, and be totally happy. I’m not saying that I don’t love a new restaurant or a spontaneous day trip, but habits and routine give me comfort.

One of the biggest issues I faced when I went gluten free was changing my eating habits. But, almost two years later, I can see where that HUGE change has helped me learn how to deal with new issues in my life. I experiment WAY more with food, it’s true. But I also handle stress ten times better. I’m sure moving last year has helped too, but I don’t think I would have even been able to deal with moving as well if it weren’t for going gluten free. I’ve learned to live outside my comfort zone…not on a regular basis, but occasionally :)

Lately, everything is new. Parrish and I are moving to a new town. We’re leaving Chapel Hill and moving to Durham. I work in Durham, and the cost of living in Chapel Hill just isn’t sustainable for a couple that work in the non-profit world.

We’re also buying our first house. We’re currently in contract for a pretty sweet house. The inspection and appraisal are tomorrow. I’m nervous for both. This entire process has been totally…new…and draining. It’s exciting and scary. Cross your fingers for us!

AND I’m getting married. IN SEPTEMBER!! 2011 is going to be SO boring compared to this year! New, new, new. Everywhere.

I have to say though, I did find something new this week that was…total bliss.

new foods 020

Against the Grain Gourmet gluten free baguettes!!

Holy Moly. Taste explosion!

new foods 025

Two baguettes are $7.99 at WHOLE FOODS!! (Beyond expensive) But totally worth it. Best preparation: cut 1/4 of the frozen baguette off and then go ahead and slice it open while frozen. Then, nuke it in the micro for 30 seconds. Then melt a bit of butter ( I can’t believe it’s not) in a pan over medium heat. Cook the bread cut side down until golden and crispers.

new foods 019

Friends, it’s beyond delicious. I can’t wait until our first tomato harvest this summer. I’m going to make a KILLER bruschetta.

New things are good.

Thanks to Jillian for telling me about this new item:

new foods 021

Did they read this? All natural Crystal Light?! Yes, I instantly bought it! PLUS there was a $1.00 off coupon in last week’s paper. Score! I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll be sure to let you guys know! Maybe I’ll try it in this glass:

new foods 017

Yes. I own a Diet Coke glass. :)

I did however try the ONE coconut water I bought the other day.

Thanks Allie ;)

pizza night 009

VERDICT: DELICIOUS!! Refreshing, slightly sweet, 100% amazing! Loved it! I’m excited to try one after a long run.


Ok, off to watch The Office…and then hopefully get some sleep. SO excited for tomorrow!!!!!!


Allie said...

DROOLING over that baguette! omg - i love their bagels too, so indulgent. i'll have to try the baguette next - glad you liked the coconut water!

annndd... congrats on the house! hope the inspection goes well. we are closing on our first place in 3 weeks!!!! CANNOT WAIT!

Farty Girl said...

I've always wanted to try those baguettes! Thanks for posting. :)