Sunday, March 14, 2010

In it to Win it


First off, congrats to email entry Laura! You’re the winner of the $25 gift card! Laura’s one item she can’t live without:

“I can’t live without Pepsi Max. But I’ll take DC in a pinch ;)”

I literally laughed out loud in front of a store full of customers when I read that! Lady after my own heart Red heart


Today was a great day! Parrish and I somehow managed to wake up bright and early at 7am…I know right? So we hopped up, brewed coffee, and took Max to the dog park.

Afterwards, I took Parrish to see a house on the market that I saw yesterday and really liked. Luckily, he liked it to! So…on to the next step!  It’s so hard though, because there are SO many awesome houses out there and they’re at amazing prices in our area.

After house hunting, I had to go to work for a few hours. In all honesty, I didn’t mind one bit. I was dreading work yesterday, but today the sun was shining…and the customers were friendly. It was a great day. And I pretty much spent every free moment planning my grocery list and thinking about supper.

pizza night 017

Artichoke, Olive, and Roasted Chicken White Pizza (Gluten Free of course!)

This recipe was totally inspired by a really good deal-

pizza night 007

pizza night 006

Every Sunday, Harris Teeter Rotisserie Chicken are $2 dollars off! I have to say though, that it took many, many emails with upper management to ensure that the ‘flavorings’ are gluten free. I know it’s never bothered me, but I’ve learned from past experiences, ALWAYS CHECK!

The last time I prepared the 365 Gluten Free Pizza Mix, I rolled four dough balls and stored them in the freezer. Friday night, I placed one of the frozen balls in the fridge, and that’s what I used for supper tonight. I topped the dough with olive oil, garlic, roasted chicken, artichoke, olives, and low fat mozzarella – baked in the oven at 450 degrees for 20 minutes. To top it off I used my current condiment obsession:

pizza night 018

Oh Yeah!

pizza night 019

That’s right ya’ll :) Gluten Free Wing Sauce. Spicy, Tangy, Delicious

pizza night 028

So good. And leftovers for lunch tomorrow! Sweet!…I mean Spicy!

Do you guys find that being a blogger/blog reader/foodie make you more vulnerable to food impulse buys?

pizza night 009

I do! Coconut Water was NOT on my shopping list. But after reading Allie’s review, my interest was peaked. So I snagged this guys that was on sale. I’ll let you know!

I also bought a new juice that I had a coupon for:

pizza night 026

I’m thinking about adding it to my green monster tomorrow morning. Let’s hope it’s not a FAIL.

I also picked up a necessary evil to help me kick my Diet Coke habit:

pizza night 025

La Crack Croix. Luckily it was on sale at Kroger! I can go through a 12 pack of Croix in a day. But I’m hoping the bubbles will help my DC cravings.


Alright, I’m off to watch the rest of Minute to Win It. So far I’m loving this show! Parrish and I have already started practicing one of the games!

pizza night 032

In this game, the contestant must blow all the cards off of the bottle BUT leave the last card on the bottle! (Which is the joker) It’s SO hard! Good thing I believe in the Possimpible.


Unknown said...

I totally understand the impulse buying. You always think "Hey I can post about it." So naturally that justifies you buying it. It's a vicious circle.
I have never seen that flavor of Tropicana 50 before. If you havn't had the tropicana 50 yet, I warn you that it tastes a little watered down to me. I have only had the orange though, so yours might be different.

Jen said...

LOL I was standing in line at the store the other day and noticed a rack of coconut water and thinking of Allie I considered buying one. I actually hate the taste of coconut though, so I put it back. I definitely am more of an impulse buyer since blogging/tweeting.

MoonGoddess said...

ok I got a chuckle out of you & Parrish blowing cards off a bottle! Too funny.

& the pizza looks GREAT!

Gabriela said...

I drink seltzer when I'm craving DC too, but it never quite kills it! I'm sipping on some Crystal Light now :) I'm not a big fan of coconut water, but that flavor sounds yum! Can't wait to hear what you think!

Farty Girl said...

Hey Lady... do you need one of those big dough rolling machines to make that dough? Your pizzas look so good it's killing me. I want to go to there!!!!

Diana said...

I will have to try a white pizza! First time for everything right?!

Allie said...

sooo, did you like the coconut water? the flavored ones are definitely better than the regular, and SUPER refreshing.. I think.

and the only reason I ever bought it is because of reading blogs!

it was funny reading your blog about chemicals, because I am trying to cut back, although I slipped today & put splenda in my coffee, and i do love diet soda & crystal light -- i've been trying to do more sparkling water & seltzer! it's hard to break the habit.

Unknown said...

That pizza made me salivate!

Marlow said...

Jillian- I've had the OJ too and hated it! This flavor is super tasty :)

Jen- I know!!

Farty- I do not! I do use a rolling pin though, and LOTS of GF flour. Also, I think putting it in the fridge overnight really helps!