Monday, March 29, 2010

Bad Things come in Threes…right?


The past few days…have been some of the hardest days of my life. Not THE hardest…but they’re definitely up there. But bad things come in threes right?

Where to begin…

As you may have read on my twitter, the home inspection did not go well. After paying $400 for an appraisal, $75 for a termite inspection, and $500 for a home inspection, we discovered that our potential first home has active termites throughout, white rot, brown rot, and heavy mold. 45-50% of the foundation is crumbling wood, including some foot walls. Minimum $20,000 worth of work. The house will actually have to be jacked up off it’s foundation, and they still won’t be able to completely fix the damage.

the news 012

On the phone telling my bestie.

And yes, I am thankful we found out before we actually purchased the home. We pulled out of the contract of course…but I honestly just wish the owner had known. There had even been some work done in the crawl space, so whoever did that work knew! And either chose not to tell the owner, or the owner knows. Oh…she better not know! But here’s the thing, Parrish and I both work for non-profits. We don’t make a lot of money, and this set back isn’t easy for us to bounce back from. You know?! uuuuuuuggggghhhhhhh

Then Saturday night we found out that we wouldn’t have any water at our rental until Monday afternoon. And then Sunday morning Parrish woke up to a flat tire! Geeeeeeeez.

BUT being the folks that we are, we’re shaking it off, looking at more houses, and Parrish is checking out crawl spaces BEFORE we make an offer.

***Today is a brand new day; SO I started it out right:

mondays 015


I made a batch of Chhhh-chhhh-chhh-chia oats and transported them to work because I knew I had an almost empty jar of peanut butter!

mondays 012

I read an article about how chia seeds have been shown to help regulate blood sugar, so I thought I would give them a try. When I was diagnosed with Celiac disease, I was in bad health. One issue was that my body was producing too much insulin, and the at some point in my life I would develop diabetes. Basically, my pancreas was going to over work itself. While it was really hard to hear, it was the wake up call I needed to change my eating habits.

I picked up this bag of Navitas Chia Powder at my local Whole Foods. I LOVE it! It’s always nice to eat something other than rice…corn…and soy!

 new foods 005

In the mix: 1/3 cup water, 1/3 cup vanilla soymilk, 4 slices of banana, and 2 tbsp. chia powder

mondays 020

These oats were TASTY and really held me over at work! Mid day snack:

mondays 022

I LOVE Amazing Grass bars! Followed up with a flavor of Stonyfield I had never tried:

mondays 026

Smooth and Creamy is my favorite. Peach was good, but Lime is still my fave!

Parrish surprised me by heating up the grill for supper! On the menu:

mondays 027 

Grilled zucchini, summer squash, onion, and okra tossed in olive oil

Served with:

mondays 030

BBQ rubbed chicken…I enjoyed my chicken sans grilled bacon :)

I LOVE grilled okra! Well actually I LOVE grilled, pickled, raw, or fried okra!

mondays 041

mondays 038

So tasty! Meals like this get me excited for summer.

mondays 036

I think we’re going to try to grow okra this year. Any tips?

Not a bad way to spend a brand new day right? And tomorrow is another brand new day, and I am determined that it be a great one!


1artsychick said...

Oh, I felt so much for you hearing about your inspection. The first house we put a bid on and were ready to go under contract with, we found out it had an underground oil tank in the yard and it had leaked, an environmental hazard! It would have cost over $10,000 to dig it up and put in good soil, but then we'd also have to re-landscape the we backed out of the contract. The lady wanted to sue us. Of course, she didn't have a leg to stand on, the property didn't pass inspection, but she had already moved and was stuck. Reading your story, I remembered that horror. It was so sad. We loved that house so much.

But we did find another house, for less money, with more room, I even have room for my art studio! Things work out. The fates are watching. :)

I mentioned you on my blog today. I admitted my Diet Coke Addiction, and linked back to the day you admitted yours. Hope you don't mind.

Good luck! I hope things work out!!

Steph said...

I'm so sorry to hear about all our home-buying woes!! I know from experience that buying a house is the most stressful thing ever!! I wish you both tons of luck on the next one!

Farty Girl said...

Sorry to hear about your housing kafuffles. I hope the situation rectifies itself soon. I agree w. Wendy. Everything happens for a reason!

Happy to hear that you are into chia! Does it give you a burst of power after you eat it? I make elevensies smoothies with chia seeds and rice milk and vanilla stevia. It powers me right through til one or two o'clock!

Btw. there's an award for you over on my blog. It's in the second to last post!


1artsychick said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you, they told me the same thing about my insulin production, about 18 years ago now. My blood sugar still drops too low sometimes, but I still don't have diabetes! Keep eating right and I think we don't have to get it. I think they tell people that because they assume people won't change their ways, and I've noticed most people won't. You're doing great! And you're lucky, I didn't find out about my wheat allergy, Celiac Disease until I was 41. You have a lot more years of being healthy!!
LOL. Have a wonderful life!!

Allie said...

ughh... so sorry to hear about the inspection, but I guess that's why you do them, right?! can you wait next time to do the appraisal until AFTER the inspection? Stinks.. but I'm sure you'll find another place! Only speaking from experience of looking for more than a YEAR, and putting offers in on 5 or 6 places.

Megan said...

Oh, so sad!!! We were surprised at how emotional home-buying can be. We got awfully attached to a super-cute house in S. Durham last fall and then were out-bid a few hours after we decided where to put all the furniture. But a few weeks later, we ended up finding and buying a house we loved even more. Everything will work out like it's supposed to.

Gabriela said...

Ughh, so sorry to hear about the house troubles :( I know it sucks, but it's good you found out BEFORE you bought the house!! It'll be a funny story you can tell ten years down the road, when you're all settled in your home.

YAY for OIAJ! I love adding chia seeds to mine, too...makes them so filling! Have a great day!

Unknown said...

I am so so so sorry that happened to you guys. You are so lucky to have found out now. Everything will work out and you guys will find the house of your dreams!

Janetha @ meals + moves said...

oh NO! i am so so so sorry! i can't believe your home inspection was so pricey! ours was $135. we got the inspection done prior to the appraisal because the appraisal is $400, like yours. dude.. SO sorry about the bad news. :( there is nothing to make it better, but i really hope you find a great place soon!!

Anonymous said...

Boo to the house teeming with termite-filling!

Also, do chia seeds have a particular taste? And if so, do they come right out and say "Blammo! Here I am in your oatmeal - deal with it!" or are they quieter: "Well hello and welcome to your breakfast. I'm just going to keep you a bit of company..."?

Nadya said...

It is hard to find out the house 'of your dreams' has nightmare potential!!
I had earnest money down on one house, & had a friend come look it over after the appraisal (or inspection? Can't recall now which I had done first) & the 'mother beam' under the house (had a brick foundation) had been mostly cut through at some point - he looked at me & asked if there was another house I wanted??
My daughter 'noticed' that a house I'd looked at earlier in the process had come down in price, & I ended up buying (& LOVING) it!! Full foundation, siding, double hung windows, 1/2 bath upstairs - all these had been added by the last owner! I'm not a 'fixer up' kind of gal, so it has been SO NICE for me. Little plumbing things friends have helped with . . .
I hope 'your' perfect home finds you soon!
Thanks for sharing the chia recipe - I have some I've done a bit of sprouting with (whole) - even though they were with other seeds, they 'gel' the whole bit!!

Jenn Sutherland said...

My condolences on the house (and $$) you lost...homebuying is SO stressful! But better to lose the money now, than $20K later, right? We've been battling a minor mold issue in our condo all winter with every natural/homeopathic remedy available...and it's not fun. So just know that your dream home is still out there!

Tell me more about the chia seeds - I make a big batch of GF steel-cut oats every Sunday for the week ahead..would you add the chia seeds once it's done cooking? Or sprinkle it on top after it cools, like I do with ground flax? So curious!