Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vacay- Day ONE


I’m glad you guys like the dress! Loving the ideas about the waist too! Hopefully I’ll be able to order it soon and then get a real idea of what could enhance the simplicity.

Last night Parrish and I celebrated my vacation with a night out on the town! It’s the first time we’ve gone out since…our trip to Wilmington!?! The holidays were so busy for me, it’s been nice getting back to a regular schedule!

We started the night out with supper at a local Chapel Hill Restaurant: Crook’s Corner. It’s world famous and SUPER delicious. We had the BEST service ever. We went to dinner with Parrish’s brother Morgan and his wife Liz. Unfortunately, I was too shy to take pictures. Next time. Promise. I ordered a burger off the bun and was blown away by the quality of the burger. Each bite was decadent. The owner is friends with Morgan and sent over Egg Nog ice cream to the table. I had one bite, and was surprised by how tasty it was!

After supper we drove to Hillsborough to meet our friend Amber

hills 049

at a local pub, The Wooden Nickel.

We LOVE the Wooden Nickel! We’ve had so many fun nights there in the past and last night did not disappoint! What I love most about The Wooden Nickel is that everyone there becomes your friend! Hillsborough is a small town, so most folks at the bar know each other, and it’s sort of like going to one big party. We ended up playing a dice game almost all night called Farkle.

hills 010

It took a while to learn the rules, but once I caught on it was super fun!! I recommend always taking dice or cards to the bar. It really passes the time! As do

hills 017

followed with lots of

hills 054

Surprisingly, we didn’t leave the bar until 2am!! I couldn’t believe it! I’m a early bed time gal. So of course I slept in this morning…NOT! Bright and early wake up for me.

As for my first day off, I have really enjoyed lazing around the house today! Parrish built a fire and I’ve been spending some time reading, watching a movie, and drinking tons of La Crack:

hills 003

I love La Croix, but I rarely keep it in the house because I go through a 12 pack in like a day!

*****Alright, I’m off to try my hand at baking some gluten free bread. I finally bought a loaf pan. I’ll give you the details tomorrow!


Allie (Live Laugh Eat) said...

I love La Croix too!! Bubbles bubbles! I've never been to Crook's Corner but I'm adding it to the list.

As for the Girls on the Run Race...I have terrible allergies in the Spring (in Durham) and pretty much have to walk around with my face covered so I don't know if I'll be able to run outdoors. We'll see. Thanks for letting me know about it though!

Lindsa Burck said...

Hey Girl!
I saw your post on Twitter about needing a graphic designer to do your save-the-dates for barter of gluten free cookies. I would be willing to do your save-the-date if you could refer me to some friends in the future. I am getting my business off the ground and need to add to my portfolio. Check out some of my work at, and feel free to email me at

Lele said...

I love playing cards at bars but found out it's ILLEGAL in my state (Virginia)- you can play cards at a table with a drink, but not on the bar itself. Some weird gambling law!

Marlow said...

Allie- You should def add Crooks Corner! In the summer, they serve homemade honeysuckle ice cream :)

Lele- that's crazy!! Oh weird laws :) I'm sure they wouldn't allow dice either!!