Monday, January 18, 2010

Stock Up


Whenever anyone asks me for advice going gluten free, I always start with: Be Prepared.

Being prepared with lots of food options you can eat at home was the key factor in how I made it through my first three months. AND the many LARA bars I kept in my purse.

Since yesterday was my last day of vacation, a grocery shop was pretty HIGH on my list. I needed lunch supplies, snacks, and supper stuff. Parrish and I made a menu for the week. We had started planning out our meals for a few weeks, and then with the holidays we stopped planning. (mostly because I was never home) BUT I really missed planning. It makes supper so much easier!

mlk 014

In Da’ fridge. Don’t pay attention to the mountain of diet coke. I’ve tried to give it up…I’m clearly still trying :)

Steak on the top shelf for Fajitas tonight, corn tortillas for everything, and in true gluten hates me fashion: pepperoni directly beside the tofu :) My two favorite items in the fridge right now are:

mlk 009


mlk 010

Heck yes!! I found the elusive Chocolate Oikos!! I had basically been stalking my local Whole Foods for weeks. I can’t wait to try one of those babies for my snack today! AND pickled okra. Love Love Love!

Don’t forget the veggie drawer:

mlk 012


Spinach and Stawberries = Future Green Monsters

***********Are you guys off of work today? Big MLK plans? I’ll actually be manning a One World Market table at a MLK day event in Durham. I’m excited to get back to work! Wow. I can’t believe it!

I plan on sending out another batch of stickers tomorrow, so if you’re interested email me with your shipping!


Kate said...

I agree - preparation and planning are key! You can't wait until you are already hungry to figure out what you want to eat...I know early on I ended up in lots of pain because I hadn't prepared & ended up with something that "seemed" like it would be gluten free. Now with no gluten & no dairy - I plan out all my meals for the week & know what I can get for take out in a pinch.

Farty Girl said...

OOOOOH! I wanna hear more about the oikos and the okra. Will you let us know how they are?


Jillian Jett said...

I totally understand the diet coke! Hello my name is Jillian and I'm a Diet Coke addict. Haha. I didn't know they even pickled okra?!

Human runner said...

Wow - I need to locate the chocolate greek yogurt the next time I hit up Whole Foods. That looks amazing.

Chandice said...

Please do let me know how that chocolate yogurt is. It looks delicious!!!

Jess said...

I loved hiding away LARA bars for a rainy day. Don't you just hate how food-challenged we are on road trips. I find it super important to pack a bag full of gf food to a road trip and then finding gf resturants near where I'm staying on a vacation.