Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Cream to the Rescue


Last night Parrish, Max went outside for a late night frolic. This is only the third time in his puppy life that Max has seen snow!

snow day_take two 012

Waiting patiently for Dad to throw a snow ball.

snow day_take two 002

It was so funny when Max would catch the snow ball in his mouth and then run around the cars. Most snow balls he dropped, but he did eat a few.

Once inside, Parrish pointed out the ice that formed on my hair!

snow day_take two 013

Possible wedding hair? :)

And then it snowed all night! We woke up this morning to even MORE snow!

snow day_take two 015 

And of course there was no way I could sleep in! I was way too excited. Parrish on the other hand was reluctant, but I talked him in to it.

Max was pretty stoked!

snow day_take two 019

Being a good Mommy, I made him put on his coat:

snow day_take two 021

Good thing too, because some neighborhood friends stopped by with their dogs, and they all had their coats on! Max actually enjoys wearing his coat. It’s as thought he knows he looks handsome. The dogs ran circles around our house. Most of them were long haired dogs, so you could tell they were lovin’ it. We went on a long walk up to the main road we live off of, only to discover that they didn’t salt. And no trucks had scraped either. Underneath the 6 or so inches of snow was an inch thick sheet of ice. EEeeesh.  I guess we are “snowed in” for the day. LUCKILY I remembered to put out my snow bowl last night.

snow day_take two 029

Nothing like snow cream to liven up the afternoon! (as long as served with a Redbridge)

snow day_take two 030

2 cereal bowl scoops of snow mixed with-

snow day_take two 028

1/4 cup sugar and 1/4 tsp. vanilla dissolved in 1/2 cup milk. See the sneaky puppy?

snow day_take two 032

Pour the mixture over the snow and fold in. SUPER EASY!! It left me wishing we had flavor syrups on hand to make snow cones.

snow day_take two 038

Topped with blueberries :)

snow day_take two 039

Overall, it’s been a pretty sweet day off!! NOW we’re off to sled…this should be interesting. Parrish’s brother lives down the road from us, and apparently knows about a “Bonsai” sledding hill.


Heather said...

have fun sledding! your snow treat looks delicious!
we have been getting pounded here with snow since this morning. it hasn't stopped yet and it's 6:15pm. and on the news all the reports said it wouldn't come up this north in MD, that it would stay in Virginia and NC. yeah, um, ok. thanks a lot guys!
we are used to snow but it's really bad with the ice underneath. most of our roads have accidents and they are shutting down main roads. i haven't seen ONE plow yet! i hope i can get out tomorrow to the store.

Heather said...

oh yeah, and i like the braid in your hair!

ingasmile said...

We love snow cream!

Anonymous said...

Sweet shot of air-borne Max!

Farty Girl said...

I remember reading in one of the "Little House on the Prairie" books that you could make candy by drizzling maple syrup on snow. I tried to do it when I was like nine. I came up with a plate of syrup with ice shards in it!!! But your snow cream makes me think maybe it is possible. :) Too bad you can't have snow cream in July!!!!

funnyhaha said...

I just left you a message today about whether Max enjoyed the snow or not...looks like he didn't. :)

Love you!

Michele said...

My mom (your aunt) used to make us snow cream when we were kids (and lived places where it snowed!).