Friday, January 29, 2010

It’s Snowing. For Real.




Are Southerners the only folks who get excited for snow? It should only stick around for a few days. Snow is always fun when it’s quick!

This morning I started my day out right:

snow day breakfast

LOVE this yogurt! Key Lime is my favorite. PLUS they were on sale last week at the Teeter! I washed it down with:

snow day stiff foam

Yum Yum. There’s a vanilla latte underneath all that stiff foam!

Work today was CUH-RAZY!! We just got in a fresh shipment of gorgeous fair trade crafts from Guatemala, so I’ve been sorting, entering, and tagging all day! It’s super fun though! Gorgeous jewelry and purses. Love it. We also got in these gorgeous bags from India. They’re made from recycled plastic! Totally cool…and of course I bought one!! :)

The highlight of work though, was DEFINITELY lunch!

snow day pita

GFL Foods sent me some pitas to sample, and they were the star of my lunch today! I heated the pita for 45 minutes seconds (thanks readers!!), and stuffed it with spinach, turkey, and cheddar cheese. TASTY!!!!

snow day munch

Nom Nom Nom.

I can honestly say that I will probably order these guys when I run out. It was so nice to be able to make a QUICK lunch!! And the pita bread was delicious!

After lunch the day flew by and before I knew it I was headed home! I was so excited about possible snow, that I totally forgot to stop by the store! Once home, I had to go back out and by that time it had started snowing! But it couldn’t wait, I had to buy:

snow day rum

Oh yeah. Can’t live without it….yeah, no. Actually, I’m going to try to make my sister a tiramisu on Sunday, and apparently there’s rum in it. Blech. But I did pick a box of my favorite drink:

snow day 034

Black Box Cab Sav. Necessary equipment for a day of being snowed in. :) Look at how much has accumulated from just one hour!!

snow day snow falling

snow day inches

Inches!! :)

Max is pretty excited about a night of snuggling. Especially since his NEW dog bed came in today!!

snow day max

snow day max close

I think he likes it :) He’s super excited about the proximity of his bed to the fire.

*****************NIghty, Night bloggy friends!! Tomorrow: snow angels, snow cream, and hopefully sledding. Wish me luck on the tiramisu!!


Anonymous said...

Let me know on the tirismui. I bought some gf ladyfingers at grannys in loveland colorado a few weeks ago. I have not used them yet.

let it snow. No snow here in northern colorado

Heather said...

aww, i like his new bed too! perfect place for it.
i've been reading several great reviews about that pita bread the last couple of days. i'm going to have to get me some!

Anonymous said...

Yes, snow is far less exciting when you get it all the time. Starts in October and lasts often 'til May. And the windchill (boo)! But I can understand your excitement. It's around -15C here now and is basically like summer.

Jillian Jett said...

We feel the same way here in Southern California! we had snow last week, and it lasted a couple of days. It was BEAUTIFUL! I love snow, but we also had about6 inches of rain! I expected to see the ark float by. haha

Yael said...

45 minutes to warm up?

Farty Girl said...

those pitas look yum-yum-yum... nice and floury! :)