Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Catch Up


That’s what days off are for right?

I’m glad you guys enjoyed the year in review. It’s pretty crazy that 2009 is over! Time flies…

So let’s start with New Year’s Eve. Parrish enjoyed a cozy night in front of the fire with our two favorite boxes:

catch up 007

Black Box. Red Box. Comfy clothes :)

New Year’s Day we went to see my parents so that we could celebrate my Dad’s birthday. Parrish and I cooked a Low Country Boil and I baked my Dad his favorite cake, gluten free style!

catch up 040

Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes :)

I used the Betty Crocker gluten free yellow cake mix for the cupcakes. In true Southern form, I used Strawberry Jell-O to sweeten them :) I mixed one package strawberry Jell-O with one cup warm water. Once dissolved, I poured the Jell-O over the cupcakes and then put them in the fridge to set.

catch up 039

I topped them with a whipped marshmallow icing.

catch up 042

Mmmm….they were pretty much delicious!! Everyone loved them. And no one missed the gluten!

Saturday night Parrish and I went out to eat to celebrate North Carolina going smoke free. We chose one of the “smokiest” places pre-ban:

catch up 044

We chose The Federal in downtown Durham. It was tasty, but the lighting was bad for food blogging. Our server was super friendly and ordering gluten free was a breeze. Sure, it was a burger without a bun…but it was tasty!

Sunday I spent ALL DAY at work – working on inventory. We did our own physical inventory…of the entire store. It was a lot of work. And a ton of counting. By the end of the day I felt like I had a billion counts wandering around in my brain :\

And yesterday we fixed all the mistakes. We spent the entire day going through 14 pages of differences. Some were items that were stolen (seriously?! who steals from a non-profit?!) and others were scanning mistakes. The entire shift was like a HUGE scavenger hunt. Around 2pm I took a quick break for a Janetha inspired lunch:

catch up 046

Gluten Free crackers with a healthier chicken salad (aka I’m Getting Married this year and I want to look smokin’ hot in my wedding dress chicken salad)

In the mix: roasted chicken, 0% fat plain Greek yogurt, and Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning. It was super tasty! Next time I will def be adding hot sauce.

Today I woke up to an old friend:

catch up 058 

Coffee :) enjoyed while packing up stickers to send to all you lovely folks!

In wedding news, I chose the bridesmaid dresses!! And LUCKILY the girls loved them! What do you guys think?


They’re each going to wear a different color :) And yes I have 8 bridesmaids. Don’t ask. I let them each choose their own color, and I couldn’t be MORE pleased with the results. They’re from JCREW, found here. 

Now for the flowers… Ideas? What’s in bloom in September?

*********Alright, I’m off to yoga. I’m trying out a new studio with a friend…and hoping it’s light on the downward dog.


Heather said...

i'm going to have to make those cupcakes! yumm-O! very cute dresses. love the different color for each girl too. how fun!

Unknown said...

Beautiful dresses and they actually can wear them after the wedding is over! Those cupcakes looked amazing!

Unknown said...

Those cupcakes look incredible! At first I thought you just mixed the strawberry in but on my second look I saw the detail.... I have a cake mix in the pantry and now it has plans. What is this marshmellow topping you speak of? It looks delish.

sarah (SHU) said...

1) the fed is SMOKE FREE!?!?!? OGMGMGMGMM! i have to go.

2) i want one of those dresses! it's so cute!

Michelle said...

I definitely agree about the dresses being way too cute. For my wedding (which seems like an eternity ago), we got dresses for our bridesmaids that they could wear again. I really think that's too cool.

I just finished making one of the Betty Crocker GF devil's food cake mix into cupcakes for the kids to take to school tomorrow (nothing quite like learning last minute that they each need cupcakes the next day).

Looking VERY forward to getting my bumper sticker, though it may have to "kick it" on my board at work until all of this snow clears. Craziness!

Re: chicken salad -- a friend of mine turned me onto adding a little bit of garlic powder and cayenne pepper into tuna salad originally, but it's also really good in chicken salad. (Just don't overdo it.) Know how much we both like garlic :-)

Marlow said...

Heather- I def suggest making those cupcakes!!

Camper- It's a new Betty Crocker icing that I piped out of a plastic sandwich bag.

Sarah- I KNOW!!!!

Michelle- You're the best!

GF Gidget said...

I vote for the violet or coral!

MoonGoddess said...

The dresses are awesome!!! Can't wait to see who ends up in which color! :)

I will have to think on the flowers. I remember going with Heather to pick out her flowers for her Sept 10th wedding & we really liked the Lizzies (I think that was what they were called). They were in season & looked like a combo of a peony & a rose. (& were cheap!)

....did I ever mention how much I love your blog? Love getting to stay in touch & hear all about your days!

Liz said...

I LOVE that idea for bridesmaids dresses: those are adorable.

The cupcakes sound great! I'm sure it made your dad's day :)

Mikki Black said...

My daughter and I are practically licking the computer screen over those cupcakes. It's gonna be so hard to wait until grocery day to go buy the ingredients!

Janetha @ meals + moves said...

mmmmm the cupcake? OUTTA THIS WORLD! hooray for healthy chicken salad :)

Katie C. said...

Love, love, love the bridesmaid dresses...

Allie said...

love the bridesmaids dresses!! cute dresses for all, definitely re-wearable, and when everyone is in a different color it looks so great!

iampalegreen said...

MMM....those cupcakes look divine!!

Jeannie said...

Hey April, Josiah's college roommate just got married and she also had her bridesmaids wear all different colors. It was BEAUTIFUL. Love ya.