Tuesday, January 12, 2010



Yesterday was Vacay Day Two and it was just as good as Day One! I started the morning with The Today Show and a quick look at my planner:

zactly 002

Ahhhhhhhh….Nothingness :) Thursday I will be heading to Wilmington for a few days and getting my hair cut finally!! While I would love to find a local stylist, I figured since I was going to Wilmington I may as well see my stylist. She’s the best! PLUS I haven’t had my hair cut since last April. :(

After a relaxing morning with my cup of joe, I headed to Harris Teeter for Super Double Coupons! I have to admit I was pretty excited. Especially since I had a coupon for these beauties:

zactly 004

Tasty! Seriously, if you haven’t tried these yet then you need to go to the store ASAP!! Oh and while you’re there, pick up a pack of these:

zactly 005

Holy Moly. 60 calories of pure heaven. I bought the Dark Chocolate mousse. DELICIOUS AND sugar free!

zactly 010

Mmmmm texture.

Can you believe that I saved $40.52 with coupons?! I was pretty shocked. Super double means they double a coupon that values up to 1.98. So a 1.50 coupon takes off 3 dollars!

For lunch I joined my Mom for a quick bite at Twisted Noodles in Chapel Hill. I honestly don’t know why I bother sometimes. The quality of food and service there continues to get worse and worse. Habits.

After lunch we went to see a movie! A few weeks ago my Mom and I went to see It’s Complicated. It was hilarious! We even thought about seeing it a second time, but decided to see Leap Year instead. It was good. Totally cute and impossible, but I love Amy Adams and Irish accents.

Last night I went to yet another killer yoga class at Franklin St Yoga. I love it there! It was a really hot class and once again I poured sweat. And you know the best part, I’m not as sore today. I’m hoping that means I’m getting stronger…or that I may wake up tomorrow in agony :)

Today, Day off 3, I’ve been doing laundry, laundry, laundry. While watching movies (I Love You Man), movies (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants), and television (Desperate Housewives). I love a day when you don’t leave the house. PLUS I really needed to catch up on laundry.

I’ve even been thinking about going to another yoga class tonight! :)

********I’ve started receiving pictures of you guys with your stickers!!! I can’t wait to start posting them! Want one of your own? Email me :)


Jenn/CinnamonQuill said...

Yay for days off work! Double coupons sound dangerously fun--none of the stores around here offer that, or none that I know of.

Kate said...

Fun! If you haven't tried them - see if you can find Gillian's French Bread Rolls near you. They are gluten free and dairy free - and they aren't just "good for being gluten free" they are REALLY GOOD!! Glad you are enjoying your time off:)