Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Cream to the Rescue


Last night Parrish, Max went outside for a late night frolic. This is only the third time in his puppy life that Max has seen snow!

snow day_take two 012

Waiting patiently for Dad to throw a snow ball.

snow day_take two 002

It was so funny when Max would catch the snow ball in his mouth and then run around the cars. Most snow balls he dropped, but he did eat a few.

Once inside, Parrish pointed out the ice that formed on my hair!

snow day_take two 013

Possible wedding hair? :)

And then it snowed all night! We woke up this morning to even MORE snow!

snow day_take two 015 

And of course there was no way I could sleep in! I was way too excited. Parrish on the other hand was reluctant, but I talked him in to it.

Max was pretty stoked!

snow day_take two 019

Being a good Mommy, I made him put on his coat:

snow day_take two 021

Good thing too, because some neighborhood friends stopped by with their dogs, and they all had their coats on! Max actually enjoys wearing his coat. It’s as thought he knows he looks handsome. The dogs ran circles around our house. Most of them were long haired dogs, so you could tell they were lovin’ it. We went on a long walk up to the main road we live off of, only to discover that they didn’t salt. And no trucks had scraped either. Underneath the 6 or so inches of snow was an inch thick sheet of ice. EEeeesh.  I guess we are “snowed in” for the day. LUCKILY I remembered to put out my snow bowl last night.

snow day_take two 029

Nothing like snow cream to liven up the afternoon! (as long as served with a Redbridge)

snow day_take two 030

2 cereal bowl scoops of snow mixed with-

snow day_take two 028

1/4 cup sugar and 1/4 tsp. vanilla dissolved in 1/2 cup milk. See the sneaky puppy?

snow day_take two 032

Pour the mixture over the snow and fold in. SUPER EASY!! It left me wishing we had flavor syrups on hand to make snow cones.

snow day_take two 038

Topped with blueberries :)

snow day_take two 039

Overall, it’s been a pretty sweet day off!! NOW we’re off to sled…this should be interesting. Parrish’s brother lives down the road from us, and apparently knows about a “Bonsai” sledding hill.

Friday, January 29, 2010

It’s Snowing. For Real.




Are Southerners the only folks who get excited for snow? It should only stick around for a few days. Snow is always fun when it’s quick!

This morning I started my day out right:

snow day breakfast

LOVE this yogurt! Key Lime is my favorite. PLUS they were on sale last week at the Teeter! I washed it down with:

snow day stiff foam

Yum Yum. There’s a vanilla latte underneath all that stiff foam!

Work today was CUH-RAZY!! We just got in a fresh shipment of gorgeous fair trade crafts from Guatemala, so I’ve been sorting, entering, and tagging all day! It’s super fun though! Gorgeous jewelry and purses. Love it. We also got in these gorgeous bags from India. They’re made from recycled plastic! Totally cool…and of course I bought one!! :)

The highlight of work though, was DEFINITELY lunch!

snow day pita

GFL Foods sent me some pitas to sample, and they were the star of my lunch today! I heated the pita for 45 minutes seconds (thanks readers!!), and stuffed it with spinach, turkey, and cheddar cheese. TASTY!!!!

snow day munch

Nom Nom Nom.

I can honestly say that I will probably order these guys when I run out. It was so nice to be able to make a QUICK lunch!! And the pita bread was delicious!

After lunch the day flew by and before I knew it I was headed home! I was so excited about possible snow, that I totally forgot to stop by the store! Once home, I had to go back out and by that time it had started snowing! But it couldn’t wait, I had to buy:

snow day rum

Oh yeah. Can’t live without it….yeah, no. Actually, I’m going to try to make my sister a tiramisu on Sunday, and apparently there’s rum in it. Blech. But I did pick a box of my favorite drink:

snow day 034

Black Box Cab Sav. Necessary equipment for a day of being snowed in. :) Look at how much has accumulated from just one hour!!

snow day snow falling

snow day inches

Inches!! :)

Max is pretty excited about a night of snuggling. Especially since his NEW dog bed came in today!!

snow day max

snow day max close

I think he likes it :) He’s super excited about the proximity of his bed to the fire.

*****************NIghty, Night bloggy friends!! Tomorrow: snow angels, snow cream, and hopefully sledding. Wish me luck on the tiramisu!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Love Sissie


First off, I have to say THANK YOU to all my lovely readers and friends. I really enjoyed reading your comments and emails about getting glutened. It’s so interesting how many of us feel like a bother to our friends and family!! Needless to say, I am feeling better. Not 100% yet, but better every day.



Happy Birthday to Joan, my sister and my best friend :)

ellas first birthday 117

My sister Joan is an amazing person. She’s the type of sister that buys you yoga pants just because she bought herself a pair too. She’s incredibly caring and thoughtful. But she’s also hilarious. She’s a teacher, a wife, a friend, and the mother of  Lil' Gluten Loves Me. I am thankful daily to have her in my life, and there is NO amount of appreciation and love that I could ever show her that would feel enough. Happy Birthday Joan! I love you :) Love, Sissie


I actually just got back in to town from visiting my sister for her birthday. On the drive to her house, while listening to NPR, I was introduced to an acapella group SONOS. I am obsessed with their rendition of White Winter Hymnal – found here. I love Fleet Foxes, but the girls’ voice is breathtaking!

Last night, my sister’s husband made a Spanish Cheesecake from this cookbook:

sister visit 018 

It’s a crustless cheesecake and the end result

cheesecake night_slice

was SUPER delicious!!

cheesecake night_bite

Creamy texture with the perfect amount of tart. Mmmmmm…glad I brought home a slice!

To wash it down, my sister and I halved one of these:

cheesecake night_drink

Cider – Trader Joe’s style! And it was actually very good! I’ve never been a huge fan of cider, but I liked this. It wasn’t overly sweet, and it had just the right amount of sparkle!

I had such a fun weekend, but I have to admit that this afternoon I’m feeling a bit deflated. I really wish I lived closer to my sister…and that I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow :)

BUT I do start training for my very first 5k this week!! More on that later ;)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gluten is Stupid…and so am I


Tuesday night was Parrish’s night to cook, and on the menu: Mushroom Polenta. Parrish had bought Bob’s Red Mill Corn Grits (polenta). It wasn’t gluten free, and he asked me to read the ingredients before he started cooking. There was only one ingredient: corn. Underneath the ingredient list: Made in a facility that processes wheat. I told Parrish it was fine, and he cooked a delicious meal. Well, as it turns out, it was not fine. NO BUENO.

I was so mad at myself. In all honesty friends, I walk the “made in a facility” grey line a lot. I’m not that strict on myself all the time. I’m gluten free for sure, but I don’t pay close attention to possible contamination. Some days it’s hard enough not to eat the obvious gluten, avoiding the hidden gluten seems unbearable. I already feel like a high-maintenance bother to my family and friends. So I did what any food blogger would do when angry, I tweeted about it :) And the Gluten Free Insider tweeted me this video, which really just solidifies why gluten free facilities are so important!

Sweet music :) This whole incident also reminded me of the night I ate some tortilla chips that should have been okay, but certainly were not. One visit to the company’s website showed me that they had a brand new chip just introduced, made with whole wheat! Yeah…no bueno. Contamination is definitely real.

So yesterday I continued to pay the price for my mistake, so I gave my tummy a special treat:

wednesday 001 

Green Monster with frothy bubbles :) Vanilla Light Soy milk with orange juice, strawberries, and three handfuls of spinach. Tasty Business.

I also dressed for success, with my new Modcloth belt that finally came back in stock!

wednesday 005

Love this belt!

wednesday 002

I find that when you feel like “poop” :) it can often help to dress up a little bit. It’s funny though because the belt was supposed to be in silver…but it’s def a brass color. Ehh, I still lurve it.

***********Thank you guys so much for your comments and emails regarding Haiti. I knew you guys would understand where I was coming from…all my readers are smart and caring obvi!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pretty Smart


Today was my first official day back in the retail store that my non-profit runs. I’ll have to admit I was excited to go back, but I was also dreading the January blues. For those of you who work in retail, you know what I’m talking about. From October through December, we run at full speed with loads of happy customers chirping about and there are tons of presents to wrap and babies to coo at. But January. Oh January. It’s a waste land of hour long silence and unhappy returns. Eesh.

But today was great. It was slow. (Ghost Town City) But it was a great day. In all honesty, with everything that’s happening in Haiti, I can’t think of a better place for me to be. We work with about 100 Haitian artisans, most of who worked in Port-au-Prince, and we’ve only heard from 25. Their workshops are demolished. While I understand the need for Urgent Aid (you can find a list of first responders here), I also understand the incredible journey it will take for Haiti to even get back to where they were, which is the poorest country in the Americas. 80% of their population lives on $2 a day. They have estimated that over 200,000 children are unpaid slaves working as household servants due to poverty. And Unfortunately, it is our world’s poorest countries who are exploited for the quickest buck (Made in Taiwan anyone?) and because they are so poor, they’ll take it; even when it’s not what they deserve. So they stay poor and die young, add in a hurricane, typhoon, or earthquake…and well, the results are devastating. So in the next few months…and even the next few years (forever?) think about supporting Haitian artisans through Fair Trade vendors. BE SURE it’s Fair Trade. Because the one thing that I’m truly realizing is this: there are only a few survivors, and over half of those survivors will most certainly be an amputee. An amputee can’t go out and work in the coffee or mango fields, but they may be able to create a gorgeous metal piece of art made from recycled oil drums, which they could sell for more than 20 times the average person’s wage.

Haiti is just one country that my non-profits supports. We work with artisans in 58 different developing countries. We offer our artisans a job with dignity and respect, at a wage that will help end the cycle of poverty. This is why drive my commute everyday and why I worked weeks without a day off. And why I love my job. :)

***************On to the eats!

Today’s snack was long awaited!

tuesday 008

When I peeled off the lid, it took me a second

tuesday 009

to realize the chocolate was on the bottom. Yeah, it says it on the package, but I never read past Chocolate. So I stirred and stirred.

tuesday 010

To my heart’s delight. VERDICT- TASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tangy yogurt, sweet with a bitter bite of chocolate. nom nom nom Those folks at Stonyfield Farm are pretty smart!

So I rode my tasty snack high all the way home to find a package in the mail from

tuesday 017

Janetha B of meals + moves !!!!!!

A few weeks ago I won a giveaway on her blog. Funnily enough, I won her stash of Amazing Grass! I was pretty excited because the stash included one of their green power bars, one of the only gluten free bars I found that is a superfood bar!

tuesday 019

Can’t wait to try the Wheatgrass! :) I see a video post coming soon…possibly a wheat grass chug with Parrish!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Stock Up


Whenever anyone asks me for advice going gluten free, I always start with: Be Prepared.

Being prepared with lots of food options you can eat at home was the key factor in how I made it through my first three months. AND the many LARA bars I kept in my purse.

Since yesterday was my last day of vacation, a grocery shop was pretty HIGH on my list. I needed lunch supplies, snacks, and supper stuff. Parrish and I made a menu for the week. We had started planning out our meals for a few weeks, and then with the holidays we stopped planning. (mostly because I was never home) BUT I really missed planning. It makes supper so much easier!

mlk 014

In Da’ fridge. Don’t pay attention to the mountain of diet coke. I’ve tried to give it up…I’m clearly still trying :)

Steak on the top shelf for Fajitas tonight, corn tortillas for everything, and in true gluten hates me fashion: pepperoni directly beside the tofu :) My two favorite items in the fridge right now are:

mlk 009


mlk 010

Heck yes!! I found the elusive Chocolate Oikos!! I had basically been stalking my local Whole Foods for weeks. I can’t wait to try one of those babies for my snack today! AND pickled okra. Love Love Love!

Don’t forget the veggie drawer:

mlk 012


Spinach and Stawberries = Future Green Monsters

***********Are you guys off of work today? Big MLK plans? I’ll actually be manning a One World Market table at a MLK day event in Durham. I’m excited to get back to work! Wow. I can’t believe it!

I plan on sending out another batch of stickers tomorrow, so if you’re interested email me with your shipping!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dear Starbucks


I love you.

Sincerely, Gluten Hates Me

P.S. Please give Two Moms in the Raw a BIG HUG.

wilmington visit 035

Best granola bar ever!

wilmington visit 036

Thursday morning I stopped by Starbucks on my way to Wilmington, and was pleasantly surprised to see all the new goodies for sale. TONS of gluten free options!! I have to admit, I was a little sad when they dropped the Valencia Orange cake, but I honestly couldn’t blame them because…I only bought one. It was super high in calories and I just couldn’t justify it on a regular basis. HOWEVER, say hello to my new favorite bar!!

wilmington visit 038

Two Moms in the Raw- Gluten Free Blueberry Granola

wilmington visit 042

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. (Joan would def be allergic to this bar)

wilmington visit 043

Look at those ingredients!! Sweetened with Agave! Seriously? In Love.


In other Gluten Hates Me news, I’m back from Wilmington. I had a super fun trip! I spent all day Thursday and Friday on a computer fast, and didn’t hook in to the internet once. I also let my camera take a breather. In all honesty, it was nice to have a break, but I missed blogging. It’s good to be back.

Right before I started my trip, I finally baked a loaf of gluten free bread! I used the Pamela’s GF Bread Mix and it was SO simple!!

The end result:

wilmington visit 001

Super tasty. Hot. Crusty bread.

As soon as the bread came out, I sliced off a crusty end and devoured it! Then I sliced off an additional piece to take to my Mom. Parrish and I scooted out the door and met my parents for dinner. When we came back…the bread was NO WHERE to be found.

Max had eaten the entire loaf. The. Entire. Loaf.

And here’s the thing about Max. He never steals food! Ever. We had a bowl of Reese’s cups on the coffee table FOREVER and he never touched them. We leave things out all the time. I was shocked. And pissed.

Luckily, I had forgotten to give my Mom her slice. So I had one piece to savor the next morning for breakfast.

wilmington visit 014

Topped with Not Butter and Brown Sugar. Do you see the bread thief?

wilmington visit 015

Ugh, too cute. I can’t stay mad at him long. :) He loves carbs and just couldn’t control himself. Mommy will be MUCH smarter next time!

*************I hope you guys are having a great weekend! ONE day of vacation left!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010



Yesterday was Vacay Day Two and it was just as good as Day One! I started the morning with The Today Show and a quick look at my planner:

zactly 002

Ahhhhhhhh….Nothingness :) Thursday I will be heading to Wilmington for a few days and getting my hair cut finally!! While I would love to find a local stylist, I figured since I was going to Wilmington I may as well see my stylist. She’s the best! PLUS I haven’t had my hair cut since last April. :(

After a relaxing morning with my cup of joe, I headed to Harris Teeter for Super Double Coupons! I have to admit I was pretty excited. Especially since I had a coupon for these beauties:

zactly 004

Tasty! Seriously, if you haven’t tried these yet then you need to go to the store ASAP!! Oh and while you’re there, pick up a pack of these:

zactly 005

Holy Moly. 60 calories of pure heaven. I bought the Dark Chocolate mousse. DELICIOUS AND sugar free!

zactly 010

Mmmmm texture.

Can you believe that I saved $40.52 with coupons?! I was pretty shocked. Super double means they double a coupon that values up to 1.98. So a 1.50 coupon takes off 3 dollars!

For lunch I joined my Mom for a quick bite at Twisted Noodles in Chapel Hill. I honestly don’t know why I bother sometimes. The quality of food and service there continues to get worse and worse. Habits.

After lunch we went to see a movie! A few weeks ago my Mom and I went to see It’s Complicated. It was hilarious! We even thought about seeing it a second time, but decided to see Leap Year instead. It was good. Totally cute and impossible, but I love Amy Adams and Irish accents.

Last night I went to yet another killer yoga class at Franklin St Yoga. I love it there! It was a really hot class and once again I poured sweat. And you know the best part, I’m not as sore today. I’m hoping that means I’m getting stronger…or that I may wake up tomorrow in agony :)

Today, Day off 3, I’ve been doing laundry, laundry, laundry. While watching movies (I Love You Man), movies (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants), and television (Desperate Housewives). I love a day when you don’t leave the house. PLUS I really needed to catch up on laundry.

I’ve even been thinking about going to another yoga class tonight! :)

********I’ve started receiving pictures of you guys with your stickers!!! I can’t wait to start posting them! Want one of your own? Email me :)