Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Ugly Duckling


Today’s breakfast is proof that you “can’t judge a book by it’s cover”.

tomato night 001

Whipped Blueberry Oats with one tbsp. of peanut butter and poppy seeds!

tomato night 002

The combination was not photogenic BUT it was delicious. Sadly I was out of milk this morning, so I could only use water. Ehh…in all  honesty friends I couldn’t taste a difference. I’m also not sure if poppy seeds have any nutritional value, but I added them for fun!

I’m so excited that you guys like the stickers!! I put mine on my car this morning!

tomato night 004

I realize that I should have put this in yesterday’s post BUT if you would like a sticker, just email me with your address and I’ll send you one!! I plan on mailing a big batch on Monday! 

Alright friends, Office Marathon time!! I hope everyone has a Happy New Year’s Eve :)  Not sure what we have on tap. I wish I was going somewhere and wearing this beauty from Modcloth:



But…it’s sold out. I pretty much LOVE modcloth. I’m stalking this belt that’s sold out for a possible addition to my wedding dress:



Do you guys have plans for New Years Eve?


Michelle said...

No big plans for New Year's Eve. Will be lucky to stay awake 'til midnight. You guys should definitely go somewhere -- for a while anyway. Aren't you doing inventory today/tonight, though?

Holly Claire Bigness said...

HI sweets :) I wish you were in Wilmy for New Years! Love that dress, you would look adorable in it! I really love the belt too, especially to go with your wedding dress! Love birds are kind of the theme of my wedding :) If you and Parrish are going to be in town, I would love for you guys to come to the reception (Alex will be there!!!) It could be some good wedding research/practice for you!
Oh- and can you believe I had lunch with Kath yesterday?!?! I totally found her blog from yours when you referenced her when you made her Kale Chips about a year ago :) :) :)