Thursday, December 24, 2009

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas


and my twin brother is home!!!

christmas eve 019

Otto’s flight got in at 7:30pm! He left LA at…7am this morning. Eesh. Not surprisingly, he was starving once he arrived at my parent’s house.

christmas eve 018

Mouth full trying to smile. Not quite working. (How is he so tall??)

Christmas Eve at my parent’s house can be enjoyed in Southern-vision. A lot like Techni-color…but Southern.

Traditional foods were had by all…including me! My Dad called me this afternoon and clued me in to bring a slice of gluten free bread, so that I could enjoy this:

christmas eve 007

in all it’s glory. My Dad’s Extra Sharp Pimento Cheese. Nom Nom Nom.

Washed down with my Mom’s specialty:

00 thanksgiving 012

Festive Green Punch. Positively Delicious.

I am blessed to have a family that is thoughtful enough to make room for my gluten free-ness. My mom had a tin of gluten free sausage balls waiting. Heaven.

All that was missing was the other half of my family, namely my two sisters!! (Hint Hint Joan) Susan was working late and Joan and her husband Scott are “up North” celebrating with Lil’ Gluten Loves Me and family. But we’ll all be celebrating with each other on the 28th…I just hope I can hold off on eating all my gluten free sugar cookies :)

I hope you guys are all having a MERRY Christmas Eve. (Or as they say in The Holiday and Bridget Jones’ a HAPPY Christmas) Tomorrow I’ll be celebrating the birth of my savior and taking my FIRST of four days off from work!!! :) Hallelujah.

Now, it’s OFF to bed!! Parrish just informed me that according to Google Tracker, Santa is in Charleston, SC. So I better hurry!


iampalegreen said...

Merry Christmas! The festive punch looks very festive indeed! (And refreshing!)

Heather said...

how fun! my mom did a great job making sure to have gluten free things for me at dinner today too. and it's my first gluten free Christmas so I'm really proud of her for trying really hard! I was prepared to eat plain turkey with mashed potatoes, but she made gravy without wheat flout and sweet potatoes and even make me my very own cherry/vanilla parfait and meringues for dessert! it was awesome!
Merry Christmas! And your brother is so tall!

Michelle said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family! You and your brother are so cute together. We had a great day too -- thanks to my in-laws who are so thoughtful and make sure we always have plenty to eat. (I think I've gained several pounds today alone.) Enjoy your time off. Happy Holidays!

Marlow said...

Betsy- It's SOOOO good. And somehow leaves you thirstier than before?!

Heather- That is AWESOME!! Supportive families make all the difference! AND congrats on your first Christmas gluten free. It's one of the hardest.

Michelle- Merry Christmas to you and your family!!! I'm pretty sure I gained my freshman 15 back!!

Farty Girl said...

I don't know what looks more yummy... the bread & cheese or your brother. LOL! What a good lookin' team the two of you make.

Michele (cousin) said...

Tell your dad to bring me some of his pimento cheese on the 23rd! I love the stuff - Palmetto is my favourite. Pimento cheese "with soul!" Made in Pawleys Island.