Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tis the Season for Gluten Free Cookies


Everyday at work this past week, someone has brought in a platter of Christmas cookies, or brownies, or cake. And all week I’ve had to smile and say no thank you. In a lot of ways, I felt pretty lucky to have Celiac this past week. I didn’t have to worry about being tempted. I couldn’t eat any of it. But yesterday a platter of sugar cookies were brought in, and we sat them on the counter to share with customers. I didn’t want to eat one, but the smell of sweet sugar and sprinkles really got to me.

Tonight at work we’re having a party for our “staff” (volunteers) and inviting friends and family. So I decided to make gluten free sugar cookies to share!

Last Christmas I used the Cherrybrook Kitchen Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Mix and really liked it. So I decided to try it again…a year later! (Yeah, I don’t make cookies very often apparently!)

The dough does need work to roll out, but it’s worth it!

chicken parm 035

I used the Betty Crocker Cookie Icing and India Tree Sprinkles. So pretty…and tasty!

chicken parm 037

The blue snowflake is my favorite!

It will be interesting to see if any of the party-goers can taste a difference. I can’t…but I honestly don’t know if I could tell anymore!

Sadly, I think I love the sprinkles more than the cookies!

chicken parm 032

So pretty and sparkly.

Ok, I’m off to work, only 11 Holiday Shopping Days Left!

I can see the end :)


Jen said...

Those look awesome!!!

MoonGoddess said...

oh how I miss your sugar cookie surprises at work! I know how much you appreciate a good iced sugar cookie! :)

& yet the glittery sprinkles fascinate me too.

sarah (SHU) said...

i would be happy to do a taste test!! will you be around this week or weekend? maybe we could meet up for a postwork glass of wine or something + i could give you your prize! we could invite any other TFBM members too if they are up for it . . .

Katie C. said...

I can't believe I didn't get one last night. When you said sugar cookie, I never imagined that! I'll hold out hope that there will be more...

iampalegreen said...

Those are beautiful! I used Cherrybrook Kitchen mix last year too! This year I think I'm going to make them from "scratch". To Be Posted!

kathy said...

Those are really pretty, I like the snowflake best too. I'm getting ready to bake also. It does get easier with time.