Sunday, December 27, 2009



Success! …sort of

after christmas 049

This was my first Christmas all grown up. It was the first year that I didn’t sleep at my parent’s house on Christmas Eve and spend Christmas morning with my family. This was my first year of “taking turns” and Christmas Day was spent with Parrish’s family.

I was convinced to start new traditions this year, and gluten free cinnamon rolls seemed like a great place to start. Growing up we would have cinnamon rolls or orange rolls on Christmas Day, but since going gluten free I haven’t enjoyed either. So I researched a few gluten free recipes, but settled on using a glutenous recipe that I found here. I substituted Whole Foods 365 Gluten Free All Purpose Flour.

Unfortunately, time got away from me on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. So last night I finally found the time to start the dough. It’s an overnight rising dough, so you need 2 1/2 hours of prep time the night before and then it sits in the fridge overnight. The next morning it will need an additional hour to finish rising.

In all honesty, I didn’t take any photos of the process. I was fairly sure this recipe wasn’t going to turn out. But turn out it did!

after christmas 052

The taste…was good. But not great. Parrish said he liked them BUT you could tell they were gluten free. The dough was dense. Each roll felt like I was eating four. But the taste was good. The next time I make cinnamon rolls, I’ll use a different recipe. But the fact that they turned out at all I think was a Christmas miracle!

after christmas 058

I mean heck, brown sugar and cinnamon, it must be hard to mess that up! Max didn’t seem to mind the “gluten free” quality. Smelled good to him.

after christmas 060

So the rolls were a few days late, but the tradition was still started. As for my first grown up Christmas, it was super fun! I missed the morning with my parents, but times change. I can’t wait to celebrate with them on Monday! As for Santa he visited for sure! He EVEN left a few gifts for Max. He must have been good this year!

after christmas 020

Although he was a little depressed when he had opened (and eaten) all of his gifts.

after christmas 037


after christmas 036

Santa was surely good to me this year! Like most foodies, I received Julie and Julia on DVD! So excited. Love that movie. But my favorite gift was actually a super sweet lap desk from Parrish perfect for blogging!

after christmas 032

What a handsome model. :)

For lunch Parrish’s Dad came over for lunch and for supper we went over to his brother’s house for a BIG family affair! The food was ahhmazing! Honey glazed roasted carrots and mushroom medley…mmmmmm. I made Brie and Artichoke stuffing. It was fun to see all of Parrish’s nieces and nephews play with their new toys. Both his brothers have two children and they’re all adorable! Well behaved and well mannered…rare these days. My favorite part of the night was when Parrish’s mom handed out her gifts, with a special one for me. A tin of handmade truffles with a list of the ingredients on top. :) Love her!


I’ve really enjoyed reading your comments and emails about your holiday. It seems that the one thing that we all have going for us, is a super supportive family! It really makes all the difference. Not once this Christmas did I feel like I was missing out on some part of the holiday because I couldn’t indulge in every single side dish and dessert on the buffet. There were plenty of things I could eat and everyone made sure to let me know what I could have. In a way I felt thankful that my hate towards gluten allowed me to not sample every Christmas cookie offered…but I am wishing I hadn’t enjoyed FOUR GF Sugar Cookies. :)

More holiday posts soon! Tonight Parrish’s father is taking us out to the Angus Barn in Raleigh and then Monday I’ll be celebrating with my family and exchanging our Secret Santa gifts!!


Emily said...

Angus Barn! You lucky dogs! Jeff and I went to Ruth's Chris for Christmas Eve lunch and gorged on steak!

Michelle said...

Your cinnamon rolls look so good! You definitely have a lot more patience than I do. Glad you're having such great holidays.

Pure2Raw Twins said...

GF cinnamon buns are a hard recipe to perfect. Those yours look great!

Michele (cousin) said...

This was also my first Christmas ever (and I've had a few more than you :P )w/o family on Xmas Eve, and Xmas morning. Luckily, I got to head to Inman after work, so it wasn't too bad. But it was weird!

Michele said...

Oh, and the Chebe cinnamon mix is pretty good - doesn't look that great, but tastes pretty good! I also made "biscuits" for dinner with one of their mixes. I loved them, your Aunt Suzanne didn't like them ("too eggy"), but Jeannie did. They were more popover-y (which I liked). And super easy.