Friday, December 18, 2009

Dashing Through the Snow


North Carolina has been buzzing all day about the possibility of snow. Because the non-profit I work for runs a retail store, I can’t wish for snow. We rely on these four weeks in December for 60% of our store’s income. But secretly, I was excited.

PLUS, it gave me a perfect opportunity to wear my new-ish Old Navy coat. WITH the collar popped. I bought this coat back before Thanksgiving when they were on sale, but we hadn’t really had any cold, cold weather yet.

snow day 008

I have been pleasantly surprised at the warmth of this coat. It was 30 when I left for week and I was warm! I should tell you though, that I am EXTREMELY hot natured. I am my own personal space heater, so don’t take my word on anything temperature related!

Work was slow but steady. Overall it was a busy day, as each person wanted us to gift wrap for them. The snow started in Durham around 12:30 and I called Parrish and he said it was dumping in Chapel Hill. Luckily my boss let me switch my schedule with hers and I opened and she closed, since I live further away. For lunch I enjoyed left-overs from last night:

snow day 007

gluten free noodles with roasted chicken, peppers, onion, neufchatel, and olives

In all honesty though, gluten free noodles don’t reheat all that well. I was able to make my way through about half, but it wasn’t nearly as tasty as last night. I also snacked on a Hugh Jass Honeycrisp apple. When I left work at 6pm, the ground in Durham started to show accumulation:

snow day 010

And my car was a blizzards walk away!

snow day 009

Ok…not quite a blizzard, but you can see the snow in the light post. It was pretty blustery!

After a very LOOOOONG drive home…and SLOOOOOOOW drive home, I arrived to find Parrish busy in the kitchen for the second night in a row!

snow day 027

Gluten Free Chicken Tacos!! With a star ingredient:

snow day 026

Caramelized Onions! Nom Nom Nom :)

I LOVE Nueva Cocina taco seasoning. It is Da Best!

And Max was outside:

snow day 015

He normally doesn’t like to get his puppy paws wet, but for snow he makes an exception. Parrish also doesn’t like to get his paws wet, but that didn’t seem to stop him from nailing me with a snowball.

snow day 018


Today  I received an email from a reader, asking for advice on going gluten free. Replying to her email reminded of how hard it really was at the beginning. (Alex, I’m sure you remember!!) I just wanted to tell all you guys who are new to being gluten free, that I LOVE your emails! Each time I share my story with someone else, it makes what I went through to get here seem easier and purposeful. And, the email also reminded me that I really need to do a post on my road to recovery before and after my Celiac diagnosis.

Yeah. But not tonight. Tonight I’m making another batch of sugar cookies! :)


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Hang in there with the snow!!

Caramelized Onions = perfect addition to any meal, I say.

Very great insight on the journey to going gluten-free!!

Michelle said...

What kind of noodles were these? They look different than the ones I've tried. Also, I agree with you about reheating GF noodles -- they're just not as good the second time around. That's why I usually try to make just enough pasta on the rare occasions when I do make it.