Friday, December 4, 2009

A Case of the Weepies


Have you ever been so tired…that you cry? Not sad tears, or happy tears, just exhausted tears. I call it a case of the weepies, and well, I have it.

I worked a 15 hour day today. I was literally a selling machine. From set-up to break down, I had a GIGANTIC smile on my face. I was so happy to be selling items made by amazing folks in developing countries. I am thankful that God saw fit for me to have this job, and to serve others. And don’t get me wrong, even after a loooong day, I’m still happy. But on my commute home tonight, I called my Mom on the phone so that I wouldn’t cry. Once I arrived home though, I could restrain no longer. And I had a full out cry fest while making my very, very late supper. Which is pretty crazy because it was deliciously smothered in this:

15 hour day 011

That’s right. Oh yeah, and it’s:

15 hour day 010

Tossed with gluten free Quinoa Noodles. Tasty. (CARB-O-LOAD)

Oh man, and I was starving! This morning I made myself a breakfast on the run. The sun wasn’t even out, so I couldn’t bare to eat oats. I made something a bit more…savory!

15 hour day 009

Fresh corn tortilla with an egg white and onion scramble, with a laughing cow and sprinkle of cheddar cheese, and a smidge of ketchup. I also rolled up a second one for lunch. And I was out the door!

Part of my job, is spreading the fair trade fever in my community. One of the ways we do that, is by hosting off-site sales at churches. Today was the first day of a three day sale at a local Catholic church. The sale was at the school today (pre-K – 8th) and then will be at the church tomorrow and Sunday. In my car (aka The Nomad’s No-mans Land), I had over $6,000 in inventory…all priced at $10 or less!!! The kids were all SO cute. I thoroughly enjoyed my entire day!!

Well…except that the coordinators of the sale sweetly ordered lunch. And by ordered lunch, I mean that they bought a GIANT cheese pizza. When offered, I kindly declined. To which one woman snorted, “Oh. Dieting? Low-carb?”

Ugh…No. No I’m not low-carbing it. Pizza actually just makes my body attack itself and leaves me in the bathroom doubled over in pain and grossy-ness for hours. But, you know. Semantics.

Oooh, that was a bit too snarky. It honestly was fine. I packed my lunch, because no other off site sale has EVER offered me lunch. I do think they were sweet for offering. The low-carb comment is just a low blow for me, but she of course had no idea!

Anywho, my egg white wrap was DELICIOUS! I actually was a bit worried about the egg not being warm, but it was fine. Yum.

Well my friends, I should definitely put my grumpy butt to bed. I hope everyone has a great weekend! I’ll be sell, sell, selling!! :)

Don’t forget the GIVEAWAY!! Two days left !! :)P


sarah (SHU) said...

i SO hear you! i sometimes have to do the same thing -- smile and be SO customer-service oriented to patients all day when inside i am between crying and just having a temper tantrum! and then i get home and (#*&($&#(*&!

running helps me to release some of that so josh doesn't have to deal with all of it!

we will MISS YOU at brunch today! we will have to do a potluck meetup soon (with some gluten-free goodies of course!)

Courtney (The Hungry Yogini) said...

Ahhh yes. The weepies. I am familiar. In fact, had a case myself last night!

Some people just don't understand special diets...but it's not a reflection of you. It's them. Always them =)

GF Gidget said...

Been there, done that! The weepies are inevitable for us girls.
It makes me sad that people have to stoop to "diet-ing" comments. Oh well! Just keep honoring God and your body, and you will come out A-Okay!

Chandice said...

Looks delicious! Sorry you had a rough day :( Those are always the worst.

Kate said...

Sorry you had a rough day!!

The mushroom alfredo sauce is AWESOME for making tuna noodle casserole (W/Tinkyada elbow noodles...delish!)not gourmet, but definitely good comfort food!

Tasty Eats At Home said...

I totally understand exhausted tears! Good thing you reached for those gluten-free much as people hate on them, they're good for mood-boosting!